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Parava Full Movie Download
Directed by Soubin Shahir and Produced by Anwar Rasheed and Shyju Unni, Parava is a drama Malayalam movie released on 21 September 2017. Amal Sha and Govind V. Pai took up the lead roles, whereas Shane Nigam, Dulquer Salmaan and Manaal Sheeraz have performed in the supporting roles. Screenplay and Music are done by Littil Swayamp and Rex Vijayan respectively. Below in this article, you can find the details about Parava Full Movie Download and where to Watch Parava Online Full Movie Online HD

Parava Story

Two teen boys and their love for pigeons

The story revolves around the lives of two boys namely Haseeb and Irshad (Ichappi), they are best friends and share a common interest and pigeon taming. Ichappi lives with his parents, sister, and brother Shane. Shane is different and does not talk to anyone. The two boys love birds unconditionally, the local competitors (Shine Tom Chacko and team )have stolen their price champion female pigeon. Chappi and Hasseb are not aware of this incident.

School reopens and Ichappi is sad because he could not clear 9th grade. However, he gets sympathized by is the new class teacher. She also offers to help him. Ichappi meets Surumi, a new student in Haseeb’s class and falls for her. He also gets to know about the other boys who are falling for her.

Ichappi recollects the story

The boys when playing cricket encounters two drug addicts (Soubin Shahir and Srinath Basi)who had an impact on their past. A few years ago there was a local cricket club named Six four Mattencherry led by Imran the ( Dalquer Salman ). This club competed local matches and Shane, Ichappi’s brother was the star player of the club. All the members of the club were best friends.

They too get bashed in the fight. Now they to take a vow to take revenge against the club members, as Imran gets to know about this he gets furious on them for their actions. Imran along with his club members gets confronted by the addicts, he tries for peace but it results in vain.

Fights take place and Imraan urges the club members to leave the place to which they respond positively and Imran ends up getting killed. Shane strongly believes that he is responsible for Imrans demise, he gets violently emotional. Shane’s father (Siddique) is grieve struck by the sister and orders all the club members to disown Shane, as they left Imran alone. Shane and his dad I’ve in the same house but never spoke to each other, Shane isolated himself from everyone.

Ichappi propose Surumi

Ichappi goes to school and proposes Surumi by kissing her on cheeks and in return get a slap. He gets nervous and scared about the news reaching to his parents and teachers. He falls for false fever and does not attend school for few days and sends Haseeb to inquire about the happenings at school, Surumi confronts Haseeb and tells him to inform Ichappi not to worry about it and she assures him that she won’t disclose the matter to anyone.

Ichappi returns to school but is sad about the fact that Surumi discontinued the school under unknown circumstances.


Shane comes out to find the missing birds and discovers them under the clutches of the addicts, who returned from jail and wanted revenge. He furiously gets into a fight with the goons but gets overpowered. However, his old club members come to his aid. While Shane tries to kill them, he gets stopped by his friends. His father and Halarm’s father (Harisree Ashokan)come and trash the goons.

Police arrive, Shane’s father warns the sub-inspector (Aashiq Abu) that if they are seen here any time they will not leave them alive. He holds Shane’s hand and leaves the place symbolizing the end of the father-son dispute. The club members are playing cricket, Shane is out of isolation to continue his love story. Imraan smiles on the reunion of father and son. Ichappi and Haseeb continue their pigeon taming, the pigeon Parava lands on Ichappi’s hand.

Movie Details:

Release Date 21 Sep 2017
IMDB Rating 8.2/10
Language(s) Malayalam
Movie Length 144 min
Budget N/A
Box Office Collection N/A

Parava Full Movie Download

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  1. Parava such a fabulous movie indeed! No heroism, no punch dialogues, no heroine, no duet yet the movie has every element to be loved!

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