Preet Baath and Deep Joshi’s Jugni Yaaran Di Leaked by Bolly4U Online For Free Download

Jugni Yaaran Di Full Movie Download Bolly4U‘Jugni Yaaran Di’ which stars ‘Preet Baath and Deep Joshi’ in the lead roles along with other actors like Preet Baath and Deep Joshi etc released this Friday and it really made all Preet Baath and Deep Joshi fans and the cinema-buffs brimming with joy after they saw the film! The ‘Jugni Yaaran Di’ trailer had already got a lovely response from the people and so did the songs which are becoming chart-busters day by day. In this article, you can find the details of Jugni Yaaran Di Full Movie Download Bolly4U leak.

Jugni Yaaran Di Full Movie Download Bolly4U

Just after the Punjabi film ‘Jugni Yaaran Di’ starring in the lead roles, hit the cinema screens on 19 July 2019, torrent site Bolly4U have notoriously leaked it online for free download. In spite of strict actions taken by law enforcement agencies, Bolly4U has been involved in the leaking of full movies online for a long time. While initially it was just limited to some industries, Bolly4U now targets all Industries including Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. The latest flicks that have been leaked online by piracy website Bolly4U includes Chal Mera Putt, DSP Dev, Munda Faridkotia among others.

With these leaks, this site is causing piracy all over the world. Though it is illegal, most of the users are also getting benefit from these type of websites to download movies in HD for free.

Not only Bolly4U, but there are many illegal websites providing download links of pirated version of latest Hindi, English, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam movies. The anti-piracy cell has blocked many of these domain but they start with new domain every time.

Do not Download Jugni Yaaran Di Full Movie from Illegal Sources

Hora Productions, Madhukar Films Presents and Rajan Batra, Deepak Choudhary, Baboo Lal Makhija, Neeraj Pathak, Rajesh Hora have the original digital distribution rights of the movie ‘Jugni Yaaran Di’. But, they have not authorized any websites for providing ‘Jugni Yaaran Di’ download in any form or fashion. Hence all the websites providing the Jugni Yaaran Di Full Movie Download are violating the Indian Copy Right Law. Also, they are supporting and actively promoting piracy. By indulging with these websites, you are also ending up supporting piracy.

With the recent changes in Indian Laws, not only these websites but the viewers of those sites can also be brought under the law. Moreover, these websites are costing the livelihood of thousands of workers in the film industries. We recommend our audience to support anti-piracy movement and not to indulge with these illegal websites for ‘Jugni Yaaran Di’ download.


This content is for reporting purpose only and does not support or promote piracy in any manner. Piracy Is A Criminal act as per Sec 63, 63-A, 65 and 65-A of the Indian Copyright Act, 1957.

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