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Saheb Full Movie Download

Saheb a Gujarati drama film directed by Shailesh Prajapati and produced by Sagar Shah, Ashi Patel, and Malhar Thakur. The film released on 8th February 2019 and stars Malhar Thakar and Kinjal Rajpriya in the lead roles. Archan Trivedi, Nisarg Trivedi, Vaibhavi Bhatt, and Sharvary Joshi have acted in the supporting roles. The Music is directed by Amare Khanda. The story flaunts a youngster Malhar, who is impulsive by nature and accepts any challenge without even knowing the outcome. When he losses his friend due to the negligence of the system. Malhar decides to fight against the corrupt system. Below you can find Saheb Full Movie Download and where to Watch Saheb Online.

Saheb Movie Story

Introduction To Malhar!

The story revolves around the events in the life of a youngster named Malhar, a happy-go-lucky MBA college student, who is very impulsive by Nature and accepts any challenge without even thinking about the consequences. He is even a protagonist.

He lives in a family consisting of his father, and his loving sister who are living there happily.

Malhar Falls For Mahek!

One day when he went to the college his eyes suddenly caught a girl. She was looking damn beautiful and he falls for her. He started looking for her details everywhere he could to make friends with her. He later discovered that the girl was studying at the same class as his sister Purvi, who was also studying at the same college. Therefore he plans to convince his sister to get all the details about her. Purvi gets convinced by him and does her job. Afterwards, Malhar falls in love with that girl and romance continues.

Purvi Commits Suicide!

Purvi always had a dream to crack the MBBS examination and she worked hard for passing this. But somehow she failed in the examination in spite of being so much confident to crack the exam. Thus after she saw her result she got so much heartbroken and disappointed on her failure that she decides to commit suicide and leaves a suicide note behind her stating that, “she was passed in the examination but due to corruption in the education system she could not pass the exam.” When Malhar got to know about her death he rushed on to her and left out crying. After reading her suicide note he gets angry and thus takes an oath to fight against the corrupted education system and make justice for his sister and also for the other youngsters who have been going through the same.

The Climax!

As Malhar’s agitation becomes stronger, he goes to the education chief minister. The protagonist takes up a fight for his fellow students and his sister Purvi which brings him in direct conflict with the management. He gets threatened for his life by the Chief Minister for interfering on changing the system. However, this does not deter him and he challenges to dethrone the Chief Minister from power in 30 days. Many of the youngsters join him on his fight for Purvi’s justice and lastly with the help and support of everyone he finally won the fight and was happy to be able to make justice for his sister Purvi and also the other youngsters.

Shailesh Prajapati and his team of creative writers have put together a decent storyline on a serious subject that involves the drawbacks of the education system further leading to various problems of the corrupt government. The producers have chosen the right time to release it where we are getting ready for the general elections this year.

Release Date8 Feb 2019
Movie Length142 minutes
IMDB Rating6.6/10
Saheb BudgetN/A
Total CollectionN/A

Saheb Full Movie Download HD

Saheb Full Movie will be available for the audience on TV channels somewhere around June or July 2019. We already know that people are searching for a Saheb Full Movie Download. Thus, we request you to download movies from legal websites.

Saheb will be soon available on legal streaming websites for a low cost. In fact, it is a benefit for you to watch films on legal streaming websites because you can watch any movie at any time. In addition, it charges you with low cost and even usage of data is too low. So, we want you to support the legal way of watching movies.

Do not watch or download Saheb from Illegal Movie Streaming Websites

Sparsh Films, Dwarkesh Group, Ticket Window Entertainment are the Production house of Saheb. In fact, no one will allow anyone to share to distribute own made movie. So, as per the copyright law, downloading or sharing Saheb from any of the below-mentioned websites is illegal.

The government has banned the following websites which are trying to provide Saheb Full Movie Download Illegally.

Where To Watch Saheb Full Movie Online?

Android Phones have become a daily habit of the people whereas they search for everything on their phone from office work to entertainment. In fact, some people support piracy and watch movies illegally. In the same way, we do not want you to support these illegal websites.

Saheb Full Movie Online is available on Amazon Prime Videos. This movie is not available on any other legal websites.

Saheb Movie Review

Cinematography Review!

The cinematography of the film is decent though there are too many close-up shots of Malhar, Archan Trivedi and Nisarg Trivedi which could have been avoided.

Music Review!

Music by Amar Khandha is praiseworthy — he beautifully transforms the classical tunes to merge into the film such as ‘Veero Aayo’, ‘Shankh Baaje Re’ and many more. Niren Bhatt and Jay Bhatt have penned some wonderful lyrics for the movie.

Performance Review!

Talking about performances, Malhar Thakar deserves a pat on his back for taking a risk of shedding his happy-go-lucky image and getting into a serious role. Kinjal Rajpriya looks fabulous in the first half although, in the second half, she doesn’t have a very strong presence except for a couple of scenes. Sharvari Joshi’s character could have been explored a bit more. Nisarg Trivedi is flawless with his performance of a reporter, who stands as Malhar’s mirror as well as a mentor. Last but not least, another transformation and surprise this movie puts up is with actor Archan Trivedi!

Overall, this film is a nice attempt though, it goes a bit slow on the run. We give thumbs up to the bold attempt of making a serious and meaningful movie.


The subject of the film is impressive but, somewhere this creative team wanted to include a lot of issues in this film and accommodating every issue was a huge task and that somewhere has impacted the prime focus of the movie i.e. education system’s problems. Still, it is good to witness the winds of change in D-Town where the makers are experimenting with newer concepts beyond comedy ‘Saheb’ which is a political drama film.


  1. If you haven’t already watched our Gujarati film Saheb full movie , you are are really missing something good . Must watch film

  2. Mind blowing movie . great music and cinematography .good attempt one of the classy performance by Malhar very nice.

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