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Short Circuit Full Movie Download

Short Circuit a Gujarati science fiction comedy-drama film written and directed by Faisal Hashmi. The movie is produced by Twilight Productions. The film released on 11th January 2019 and stars Dhvanit Thaker, Kinjal Rajpriya, and Smit Pandya in the lead roles. Utkarsh Mazumdar, Vikee Shah, Ragi Jani, and Anshu Joshi have performed the supporting roles. The Music is directed by Mehul Surti. The showcases an average IT guy Sammy (Dhvanit Thaker) trapped in an evil plan of a scientist. He has to fight back to save his love Seema (Kinjal) and the world. Below you can find Short Circuit Full Movie Download and where to Watch Short Circuit Online.

Short Circuit is a first Gujarati Sci-Fi movie contains an interesting story. The film made in the budget of 1.5 crores and collected 2.5 crores on the Gujarati movie box office collection. The movie emerged as a moderate hit on the big screens but still managed to collect god collections. Short Circuit is a decent movie to watch for Gujarati movie lovers.

Short Circuit Story

Story of Short Circuit

Introduction Of Samay

Short Circuit unfolds the character of a simple guy Samay who is in IT by profession. The main section of the Gujarati movie is when Samay gets trapped in the time hole as an experiment by a scientist in his lab. A scientist who was working for years to make a wormhole loop and traps Samay into the experiment. The brain of this guys turns to become extraordinary as he can predict and pre-assume the death of people including his girlfriend. He warns his girlfriend but Seema does not believe this and finally gets shot in front of him.

He gets arrested by the police as they think he was guilty about the death, Samay was accused by the police. But Samay realizes that he was trapped in the time game and also in criminal issues so he decides to rescue himself from the difficult situation.

Samay Asks Second chance To Prove his Innocence.

Samay wonders about the dreams while he sleeps every night and discusses the strange dreams. His friends find his dream stories interesting but find it difficult to believe. But after the incidents turn true he tries to help him. The situation was more good for the IT guy and gets involved in a difficult situation.

Samay was arrested by the police for interrogation and the gunshot that happened in front of his eyes. Police suspected him to behind the incident. Being trapped in the time game and the scientist’s experiment of wormhole inside the IT guys brain finally reaches to the lab in order to know the truth and rescue himself from the time game. He manages to reach the laboratory and discover the password to unlock the experiment to prove his innocence.

Relation Of Samay and His girlfriend

Samay was attracted to Seema, a smart and ambitious lady works in the corporate place. Samay was always worried about the attack on her that he had seen in his dream. He wanted to protect her but she did not like it, though Samay speaks about his dreams that are coming true including the murder of his girlfriend which she does not believe at the beginning but slowly begins to trust him after the gunshot. Later Samay fights to save his girlfriend Seema and the world at the same time. The scenes between the couple is less but satisfactory to the story of the movie.


Samay is worried about the future and his girlfriend as he finds them in danger. He and his friend manages to find out the laboratory and cleverly enter into the highly secure laboratory. Samay discovers the password to unlock towards rescuing the world from danger. He rescues his girl friend Seema in a heroic way, strong action can be seen at the end while he destroys the total experiment and the members behind the experiments. Samay returns back with his girlfriend into a normal life destroying the wormhole loop.

Movie Details

Release Date 11 Jan 2019
Movie Length 126 minutes
No of Songs 1
Languages Gujarathi
IMDB Rating 7.7/10
Budget ₹1.5 crore
Director Faisal Hashmi
Lead Actors Dhvanit Thaker
Total Collection ₹2.5 crore

Short Circuit Full Movie Download

According to the reports, Short Circuit will be live on TV channels by Mid of 2019. Therefore, it does not make sense to Download Short Circuit Full movie and support piracy.

Short Circuit is already available on legal streaming websites for cheap. Once you buy the movie, you can have it throughout your life. Hence we encourage you to support a legal way of watching or downloading movies. Let’s find a different possibility for Short Circuit.

Illegal Websites For Short Circuit Full Movie Download

As a matter of fact, Twilight Productions has not authorized any of the below-mentioned websites for distributing Short Circuit Full movie download. As per the law, downloading and sharing of Short Circuit from any of the below-mentioned websites is illegal.

Hence we strongly request you not to download and watch Short Circuit from these websites. By doing so, you can help the fight against piracy. This will save thousands of family working in the Gujarathi Film Industry in and around Gujarat.

Where To Watch Short Circuit Full Movie?

When it comes to piracy, Movie-Rater is always against it. Also, it is considered illegal as per the Indian Copyright Law.

After checking several Online legal streaming platforms, we have found that Short Circuit is not available on any of the below mentioned websites.

Short Circuit Review

Director  Review

A movie filled with action and thrill, a must watch the movie for especially those who like to watch Science Fictions by Faisal Hashmi. The characters of the main actor Dhvanit Thaker is extremely convincing, one more character as supporting actor Bhopo is filled with comedy and fun. Outstanding direction by Faisal Hashmi in the Gujarati movie that brings out a clear crystal picture of simple IT guy.

Dhvanit Thaker’s Acting

Confused IT person that turns to a confident solver of the time loop, from the begging till the end of the movie he was extremely into the respective character. His beginning as being fooled in the time loop and being trapped was convincing. The end of the movie being intelligent to save his girlfriend and the world his performance was flawless.

Bhopo As supporting Actor

Though he did not believe the interest he has shown in the movie at the begging to sit and listen to his friend on a cup of tea and ending till helping his friend to find the lab together has supported the entire movie. The excellent acting capacity of as comedy has been seen earlier by Smit Pandya.

Cinematography Review

High technicalities with perfection are seen in the movie, short circuit. The Laboratory of the scientist with 3D visuals including the formation of Northern lights is a strong relevance to great work of cinematography.  Strong end visuals and sharp descriptions of the dreams, catchy clips have made the movie more attractive. No regional movie has developed such fabulous cinematography.

Review of Song “Samay”

The movie has no songs except the promotional Gujarathi song sung by Siddharth Bhavsar that is composed in Gujrati by Kedar and Bhargav and lyrics by Milind Gadhvi that is amazing to hear. One of the difficult task to create a popular movie without songs as it is always a belief that movies run because of songs but this movie have proven to be a wrong belief.


First Indian Regional movie with a scientific story with an entirely different prospect shown in Short Circuit. A Gujarati movie with a unique +story line that will not allow moving from your seat, stunning visuals with the use of laser lights and 3D visuals that will put in a world of future science and technology. Fiction Sci-Fi movie entertaining movie despite no  Gujarathi film songs. Action, thrill and passion are shown in the movie that has given the movie a distinctive value from the viewers.

Real, Great work done in regional Indian Language that can be compared to Bollywood movies related to story and cinematography.


  1. I think short circuit full movie is superb and new concept story.kinjal mam looking very beautiful and talented people Enjoy a lots.

  2. Actors all did their role as usually
    Dhvanit Thaker performance out standing and
    Very new topic in Gujarati cinema.

  3. One of the most ingenious film concepts ever created. Just watched short circuit full movie and it’s amazing.what a perfection in direction

  4. What a fantastic movie first Gujarati movie related to science, nice attempt by director and especially Dhvanit ,superb acting must watch short circuit full movie and enjoy with family.worth of money.

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