Sorry Becomes The First Marathi Movie That Is Shot Across 45 Different Locations In India

The upcoming Marathi movie, Sorry is in the talks for a while now & it’s actually coming to the theaters, this Friday. The story portraits the life of an unsuccessful writer, struggling to get any success what so ever. As his spirit of writing starts to break, the path to his revival is what the story narrates. Below, in this article, you will get the information about Sorry Marathi Movie News and updates.

However, there is another shocking fact about this movie. The makers of Sorry shot the movie in 45 different locations in 7 states across the entire country. This is quite surprising actually to see movie companies to take these kinds of efforts. So, we are hoping that they actually have that kind of a storyline to support it.

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The trailer has created a good first impression though. Now the only thing we have to see is that if all that effort & commitment creates an excellent result or not. The lead cast includes Sourabh Chirmulla, Sulakshana Rai & Pooja Meshram. So, it looks like there is a lot of thought process going on here. However, what matters most to us is, it should be a good movie to spend our money on.

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