11 Most Memorable Scenes From A Christmas Story

11 Most Memorable Scenes From A Christmas Story
11 Most Memorable Scenes From A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story is one of the most memorable Christmas movies out there. There are plenty of memorable scenes from A Christmas Story, especially considering the fact that A Christmas Story is essentially a set of vignettes with a light plot connecting them. Whether you’ve watched A Christmas Story multiple times over the years or this will be the first time, here are the 11 most memorable scenes that happen in the house from A Christmas Story.

  • The Bunny Suit

Ralphie states that he only wants one thing for Christmas, but that doesn’t stop his family from getting him other things as well. One of these presents is a hot pink bunny suit, which Ralphie’s Aunt Clara gives him. He and his dad both hate the bunny suit.

  • Red Ryder BB Gun

The only thing that Ralphie wants for Christmas is a Red Ryder BB gun. Even though he thinks that he hasn’t received his number-one present, he’s overjoyed to find out that the very last present on the pile is his coveted BB gun.

  • Hounds From Next Door

The Parker family lives right next to the Bumpus family, a family of hillbillies with, as Ralphie describes, “at least 785 smelly hound dogs.” These hound dogs do cause all sorts of problems, but these problems come to a head when the dogs run through the Parkers’ kitchen and eat their Christmas turkey.

  • Christmas Tree

The Parkers haggle for a great price on a live Christmas tree, which they then go to the trouble of setting up in the window and decorating with lights. However, the Christmas tree lights cause the fuse to blow.

  • Furnace Soot

Ralphie’s father is in a constant battle with the furnace under the Parkers’ home. At one point, the furnace starts blowing soot into the rest of the home; when Ralphie’s father goes into the basement to find out what’s wrong, he trips on a pair of roller skates, causing him to swear violently.

  • Leg Lamp

The leg lamp is an important element of A Christmas Story. Ralphie’s father wins it in a contest and wants to put it up in a place of pride in the home. However, Ralphie’s mother hates it. Eventually, she “accidentally” breaks it, and it has to be laid to rest.

  • Soap in the Bathroom

When Ralphie swears, his mom washes his mouth out with soap. Ralphie indicates that this type of punishment has happened more than once, stating that over the years, he’s become a “connoisseur of soap.”

  • Hubcap Mishap

When the family car suffers a flat tire, Ralphie attempts to help fix it. However, he drops the lugnuts that he’s using to help the flat tire. When he drops them, he says a swear word – the movie uses the phrase, “Oh, fudge,” but he explains that he really said “the queen mother of swear words.”

  • Ovaltine Decoder

As a huge fan of the Little Orphan Annie radio program, Ralphie drinks gallons of Ovaltine to send away for the free decoder. However, once he finally gets the decoder, he realizes that the secrete message is just a commercial for Ovaltine.

  • BB Gun Practice

Once Ralphie receives his BB gun, he naturally decides that he wants to practice with it. He sets up a practice target in the backyard, but an accidental ricochet makes him wonder if he’s injured himself.

  • Black Bart Attacks 

Black Bart is an imagined villain that Ralphie pretends he might be able to protect his family from. In the tradition of cowboy TV shows, Ralphie pretends to fight him off with his brand-new BB gun.


A Christmas Story is definitely one of the most well-known Christmas movies out there, and its popularity speaks for itself. Regardless of whether or not you’ve seen it, these 11 scenes are probably the ones that will make the biggest impact on you. whether watching the Christmas movie from youtube to get an increased lot of subscriptions and more follower, by using to buy youtube subscribers