Tips to boost your videos presence on YouTube

Tips to boost your videos presence on YouTube
Tips to boost your videos presence on YouTube

On YouTube, creating the right videos is a big deal because you need to get the attention of your audience. You have to be creative, original, and share the right message. But to boost your YouTube videos, you also need to communicate well on the content. Here, below in this article, you can find the details about tips to boost your videos presence on YouTube.

How to proceed? Here are all our tips!

Why a YouTube channel?

Having a YouTube channel is a great idea. Indeed, if you regularly offer content in video format to your audience, then you can bring them together on the platform and thus benefit from optimized visibility.

In addition to the showcase effect, you facilitate the sharing of videos on social networks but also their integration on websites. Your audience can subscribe to your channel and respond by posting comments on your videos. On the other hand, businesses can get quality YouTube subscribers from trusted sources.

  • YouTube also has a number of significant advantages.

The videos are available in several formats to allow as many people as possible to watch them.

  • An application is available to enjoy videos from mobile devices.
  • Subtitles can be enabled so that non-French speakers can also access the content.
  • It is possible to personalize your space.
  • For success to be there, you have to take care of your videos.

How? ‘Or’ What? Here are top tips to boost your YouTube videos.

1. Attract attention from the first few seconds

When creating a video, you have to be able to capture the audience’s attention. To do this, it is essential to start the video well. It’s within the first 15 seconds that a user will choose to watch the video or move on. Right from the start, you need to state why the video was created and what the goals are. If the audience knows what they’re going to watch, they are more likely to continue viewing. It is important not to play the suspense card. Your audience isn’t watching a work of art. You need to be clear and to the point. Explain the purpose of your video and expand your point!

2. Section your video

A successful video is a multi-part video. The introduction, which lasts about 30 seconds, announces the purpose of the video and educates the audience on what they are going to see. The body of the video develops the subject. This is the easiest part to produce. It just needs to be accompanied by the introduction and the conclusion! A common mistake is to only offer this part of the video.

The conclusion offers the possibility of opening up on another theme and inviting the user to react thanks to a CTA (call-to-action). For example, you can ask your audience to subscribe to your channel or comment on the video.

3. Include text

Just because you’re offering content as a video doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be text. Including textual data is an important step. Depending on the format of your video, you can insert numbers, game titles, or even important information. This textual data must contain keywords. It is also possible to include subtitles or a menu. If your content is chaptered, it’s important to only develop one idea per chapter and dig deep. We should not skim over a large number of ideas.