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Bahubali Full Movie Download

Bahubali is a 2015 action Bollywood movie. Bahubali is directed by SS Rajamouli. The movie is produced by Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni. Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Tamannaah Bhatia, Anushka Shetty, Ramya Krishnan, Sathyaraj, and Nassar have played the Lead Roles in this movie. Prabhakar, Rohini, and Tanikella Bharani have acted in the supporting roles. The screenplay is done by KV Vijayendra Prasad and SS Rajamouli, while the Music is directed by MM Keeravani. Below in this article, you can find the details about Bahubali Full Movie Download and where to Watch Bahubali Online.

Bahubali Story

A baby Child’s survival.

Bahubali movie sets in the ancient kingdom of Mahishmathi. The 1st frame shows a woman carrying a baby near a waterfall. They both fall in the water and breathes her last breathe. But before dying, she holds the baby in one hand above her head. The baby is rescued by local villagers and adopted by Sanga and her husband and they name him Shivudu.

Shivudu grows up to be a strong and courageous young man. Who is curious about the waterfall and the land beyond. Afterwards, he finds a wooden mask on the ground.

Later, he finds the mask’s owner Avanthika and falls in love with her. Avanthika belongs to a group of rebels who are trying to rescue their queen Devasena. Devasena is held captive by the current king Bhallaladeva. Eventually, Devasena is rescued by Shivudu from Bhallaladeva.

The Prophecy Child

A loyal soldier Kattappa and Bhallaladeva’s son, Bhadra chased down Shivudu. After that Shivudu beheads Bhadrah. Ultimately Kattappa drops his weapon realizing that Shivudu is Mahendra Bahubali, the son of late king Amarendra Bahubali.

Kattappa tells his father’s (Amarendra Bahubali) story: Amarendra’s father had passed long ago, while his mother died giving childbirth. Amarendra’s uncle Bhijjaladeva was unqualified and he was not considered to rule due to his corrupt nature. Bijjaladeva’s wife Sivagami control the kingdom with Kattappa’s assistance until a new king could be selected.

The Late King’s Story

Amarendra grew up with Bhallaladeva son of Bijjaladeva and Sivagami. Both trained thoroughly in arts, science, disguise, politics, and warfare. But both had different approaches towards kingship. While Amarendra was kind and loved his countrymen, Bhallaladeva was rough and accomplished his goals by any means possible.

It was then discovered that Mahishmati was about to be attacked by an army of savages called Kalakeyas. The King of Kalakeyas Inkoshi rejects Sivagami’s offer of peace and even insults her by saying he will have children with her.

The War

Sivagami orders that his limbs should be chopped off and body must be fed to the vultures. Meanwhile in the war, as Amarendra was about to slay the king, Bhallaladeva swung his weapon from a distance and killed him. Sivagami announced Amarendra as the new King despite Bhallaladeva killing the king.

In the present day, Shivudu interrupts Kattapa and asks him what happened to Amarendra Bahubali. Kattappa reveals that he himself killed his father with his own hand.

Movie Details:

Release Date 10 July 2015
IMDB Rating 8.1/10
Language(s) Hindi,
Movie Length 2hrs 38min
Budget ₹180 crore
Box Office Collection ₹650 crore


Bahubali Full Movie Download HD

Bahubali is an Epic Indian film, creating a benchmark for the Indian movie industry. Hence, people do searching for Bahubali Full Movie Online. In fact, you will find many websites for Bahubali Full Movie Download. Whereas, Downloading Bahubali Full Movie Online is fine unless you are doing it from Authorized platforms.

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The right way to download Bahubali Full Movie is through legal streaming websites. Whereas, you might come across many illegal platforms that will give Bahubali Full Movie Download. On the other hand, it is a crime to Watch or download Bahubali Full Movie from illegal platforms. Also, this will affect the industry and people working with the industry.

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Where to Watch Bahubali Full Movie Online?

Bahubali is released in 2015, and you will find websites to Watch Bahubali Full Movie Online legally. Moreover, These websites have copyrights from the production house that’s the reason they are legal.

Watch Bahubali Full Movie Online Free

For those, who want to watch Bahubali Full Movie Online for free can watch it on legal platforms. In fact, these platforms are working as per the Indian Copyright Law. Hence, it is safe and crime free.

  • As of now, Bahubali is only available in Hotstar for free which is a legal streaming website.

Apart from Hotstar, no other free streaming sites have Bahubali Online for free. In fact, you can watch Bahubali Full movie for free on the legal platforms given below anytime soon. hence, we request to bookmark this page, to get a regular update on Bahubali Full movie availability online.


  1. Best movie forever . Super story super theme and mind blowing action. Prabhas is a very good actor. Famous katappa mama overflow all. It such a good film.

  2. The action and stunt were amazingly choreographed, hats off to director and the production manager.overall great movie.

  3. Baahubali movie movie is just epic! Totally loved the story and all the hard work by the actors, especially prabhas . Just got a great respect towards him.

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