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Velaikkaran Full Movie Download

Velaikkaran is a 2017 action and thriller Tamil movie. Velaikkaran is directed by Mohan Raja. The movie is produced by R. D. Raja. Sivakarthikeyan, Fahadh Faasil, and Nayanthara have played the Lead Roles in this movie. Prakash Raj, Sneha, RJ Balaji, and  Thambi Ramaiah have acted in the supporting roles. The screenplay is done by Mohan Raja, while the Music is directed by Anirudh Ravichander. Below in this article, you can find the details about Velaikkaran Full Movie Download and where to Watch Velaikkaran Online.

Velaikkaran Movie Story

Aadhi joins Saffron company

Aadhi is a simple guy who is jobless and struggles a lot in his life and one fine day, He then joins the department of sales of a prominent Company called Saffron. He also frees his friend Bhagya from Kasi’s hands and provides him a job in the same company. Aadhi, who is the brand manager of Saffron teaches him how to advance. Bhagya is killed by Kasi and his gangster gang.

Arivu also tries to harm Kai, but in the process Doss who is Kasi’s opponent injures Kasi. Arivu tells Kasi that he is an aide to someone. He also tells that Jayaram who is the president of Saffron company had given a contract to kill Bhagya. He says that Jayaram plotted to kill Bhagya when he learns that because Kasturi whose son had died had filed a case of adulteration of the products against the company. After hearing to all this, Arivu tries to save Kasi.

Arivu fights against food adulteration

Arivu then takes up the challenge of fighting against food adulteration and other such malpractices in all the food companies which also includes the company of Madhav. To make his attempt successful, he shares his plans with brand manager Aadhi. It is later slowly disclosed that Aadhi is Madhav’s son. He wanted to learn the trading secrets of Saffron Company and had plans of merging the company with the company of his father.

How Aadhi spoils Arivu’s Plan

Arivu’s tells the staff of his company Saffron to produce the products as per the regulations from the government for the next two days. On the other hand, he tells the employees of a few other companies around, that they have to wear a kerchief on their dresses so as to trick the employer that they are against them. This plan of Arivu is learned by Aadhi and he then forces upon the owners of the company to write the majority of the shares to the company of Madhav.

Aadhi also tells the employees that Arivu is a spy of Madhav. Stella who is the Head of the department of sales degrades Arivu. But Aadhi acts that he is covering up for the mistakes of Arivu, by telling that the plot to trap Arivu was by the newly appointed president. Arivu tells Aadhi that Stella has joined hands with him and that Stella knows that the one who has betrayed is Aadhi. The godown which had the products that were not adulterated gets destroyed by Aadhi. He tells them that he is the son of Madhav and he will be the new CEO of the company and satisfies the employees so that they nominate him as the new CEO.


Arivu goes to the radio station, and one of the employees who was injured in the fire tells him that he continued to produce the unadulterated product on the third say too, some other employees also said that since they produced products based on the regulations of the government they did not want to produce unsafe products again. Aadhi hears that all the employees are going against him and that they would stand against him if he insists on producing poor quality products again. Aadhi feels that all his efforts and plans have been foiled. In the end, his family, his love interest and the people of the slum extend their support and also celebrate their success of Arivu.

Movie Details:

Release Date22 Dec 2017
IMDB Rating7.4/10
Movie Length2hrs 40min
Budget40 Cr
Box Office Collection51 Cr

Velaikkaran Full Movie Download HD

Velaikkaran is no doubt of the best Tamil movies of 2017. Hence, we believe that people might be looking for Velaikkaran Full movie Download. But, there are no platforms that are providing Velaikkaran Movie Download. This is because it is against Piracy and as per Indian Copyright Law, Watching or downloading Velaikkaran Full Movie from illegal platforms is a crime.

Do not download Velaikkaran full movie from illegal platforms

You should know that downloading Velaikkaran Full from the illegal website is a crime. This is because the Production house hasn’t authorized any of the websites given below to download Velaikkaran Full movie.

From Where To Watch Velaikkaran Full Movie Online?

Velaikkaran being a 2017 movie, this is already available online. Currently, you cannot watch Velaikkaran Full Movie Online on any of the legal streaming websites given below.

Watch Velaikkaran Full Movie Online Free

If you want to watch Velaikkaran Full movie online free, then there’s good news. You don’t need to Pay for this movie to watch online.

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Velaikkaran Movie Reviews


The first part of the movie by Mohan Raja has twists which make it interesting. The storyline and the dialogues are impressive too. Though there is a small portion of romance, it does not deviate from the main concept.


It is a new attempt for the actor Sivakarthikeyan and he has complemented the role well with his brilliant performance and is definitely one of the best movies of the actor. The actress Nayanthara plays a brief role


Music is composed by Anirudh and is very soothing. The songs show a strong inclination of the composer’s interest in international music. With offbeat kind of music, it has given this Tamil movie some wonderful tracks.


The movie has a rating of 2.5/5, but it still has a story worth watching. Some parts of the movie seem little draggy in the second half but are still able to convey a good message.

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