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Raabta Full Movie Download

Directed by Dinesh Vijan and Produced by Dinesh Vijan, Homi Adajania, and Bhushan Kumar, Raabta is a romantic Bollywood movie released on 9 June 2017. Sushant Singh Rajput, Kriti Sanon, and Jim Sarbh took up the lead roles, whereas Varun Sharma, Vikash Verma, Rajkumar Rao, Deepika Padukone have performed in the supporting roles. Screenplay and Music are done by Garima and Siddhart and Pritam and JAM8 respectively. This 2017 Box Office hit is well received by both audience and critics equally. Below in this article, you can find the details about Raabta Full Movie Download and where to Watch Raabta Online.

Raabta Movie Story

Saira and Shiv falling in love

Shiv, gets a job opportunity to work in Budapest as a banker and so he leaves along with his friend Radha. Back in his town Amritsar, shiv is known to be a womanizer and he continues to be so at the new location. In Budapest, Saira works as a chocolatier. She is frequently having nightmares of her drowning in water. In Budapest, she works as a chocolatier. Shiv comes along with another woman on a date to Saira’s shop and gets attracted to her.

He tries to make advances, but Saira does not encourage that. But gradually she falls for him and ends up spending the time with him.  The next day she tells shiv that she already had a boyfriend. When Saira and her boyfriend Manav are on a date, shiv interrupts them and tells her that she would be happier with him than her boyfriend. This leads to the break up between the two. Shiv and Saira are drawn closer to each other. One day in the club, Saira meets a man who knows about Saira’s past and her nightmares and then Saira explains this fear to shiv and how it has been haunting her since the time she was 2 years old when her parents drowned following an accident.

How Saira gets kidnaped

Both Saira and Shiv want to test if their love is true. Shiv bonds with many women, while Saira gets close to a businessman named Zakhir. Shiv says that for a week he has to go on a business visit and they see how one-week separation can affect their relationship, and if it is strong enough then they would decide to get married.  

In the absence of Shiv, Zakhir and Saira come closer and Saira tells him about her nightmare. One day, during dinner, Zakhir kidnaps Saira after drugging her. When she wakes up she finds herself on an island. She pleads him to let her go, but he refuses since he was in love with her in the past life. Saira does not believe what he says and that is when he shows her the paintings of her in different stages of her life. Later, Saira tries to escape from his clutches, and in the process falls into the ocean and all her memories are surfaced.

Past life of Saiba, Jilaan, and Kabir

In her past life, she was a princess named Saiba, and Kabir who was also a warrior was in love with her. A Rajput, named Mohak threatened their kingdom. In a battle, Kabir gets wounded and is told to surrender by Jilaan. Saiba gets attracted to Jilaan and thus surrenders the kingdom. Saiba is in love with Jilaan so she does not go back along with Kabir. On the day of their wedding, a comet falls which is regarded as bad and Kabir murders Jilaan and pushes him to the ocean. Saiba immediately jumps to rescue him but all her efforts are in vain. With grief, Saiba also drowns herself. After seeing Saiba dead, Kabir also kills himself.


When shiv comes back, Saira fights back Zakhir. The events of their past life repeat again. Shiv takes Zakhir down the ocean and drowns him to death. Saira jumps to the ocean and saves Shiv. The end is when shiv tells his children not to believe the stories that Saira tells about the past life.

Movie Details:

Release Date 9 June 2017
IMDB Rating 4/10
Language(s) Hindi
Movie Length 2hrs 2min
Budget ₹32–33 crore
Box Office Collection ₹39.05 crores


Raabta Full Movie Download HD

There are multiple websites to find Raabta full movie Download. In fact, there are also legal streaming services that will allow you to download Raabta Full Movie (within the app). However, we request you to not download Raabta or any other movie from non-authorised websites as downloading Raabta Full movie from those resources are completely illegal & we do not promote such illegal activities across the internet.

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Where To Watch Raabta Full Movie Online?

The good news is, there are streaming services that have the movie available for online streaming & watching the movie on these websites are completely legal & fall under the Indian Copyright Law. You can watch Raabta full movie Online in HD from the following streaming services,

Apart from APV, you might also be able to watch Raabta Full Movie Online soon on below mentioned legal streaming websites.

Watch Raabta Full Movie Online Free

Currently, there are no legal streaming services with completely free streaming options for this movie. However, it might appear in the following websites in the near future.

Raabta Movie Review


Directed by Dinesh Vijan, a debutant director, he has promoted his movie vastly. The transition from the scenes from the present day to the past did not seem to work well. Though the action sequences were Hollywood inspired, the costumes were disappointing.


Sushant Singh Rajput seems to be overconfident while Kirthi Sanon finds it difficult to make her presence felt though she looks stunning in the moving. Even after seeing both of them together for the first time, they look fabulously good.


The music has seemed to work well for the movie, with some wonderful background score. The music is composed by Pritam. There are seven songs in the movie.

Box office: Nationwide collection on the first day was 15.93 crores. The worldwide revenue of the movie went up to 39.05 crores.


The movie seems to be a little boring when past life scenes appear. It is just a satisfactory movie and does not allow much enjoyment. The movie does not have depth. The times of India rated the movie 3.5/5.


  1. I really enjoy to see this movie because the bollywood actress kriti sanon she is my all time favorite herione and she is play a very good role in this movie

  2. Raabta full movie is a fabulous. I swear you’ll get the feeling of seeing it again and again . Good story , good acting and the background score is just amazing.

  3. Sushant &kirti Sanon chemistry is very good.
    I love this movie it has mystery and drama very interesting movie.

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