Some of the Best Ways to Learn to Play Piano 

Best Ways to Learn to Play Piano 
Best Ways to Learn to Play Piano

Whether you live in Northport or plan to stay here for some time, one of the things that can draw your attention to this pristine New York village is its musical ambiance. It gets validated when you search for music lessons in the town and stumble upon many credible results. Well, you can be itching to learn piano – the faster, the better.  But when it comes to gaining skills, you cannot expect free lunches. You have to give your art its due time and effort. Successful musicians also reached the height where they are today based on dedication. If you wish to get there, you can start preparing for it right away. Here get the Best Ways to Learn to Play Piano information.

As mentioned, Google Northport piano lessons near me, and there will be options. You can pick some private music schools, set up an appointment, and talk to the teachers to figure out whether it is the right place for you or not. However, it is still the one side of the story. You have to decide on many elements to set the tone and pace of your learning. Here is a quick insight into them.

Choice of music

It may not instantly occur to you, but you can focus on the type of music you enjoy. Find out which one you like more – jazz, blues, classical, contemporary classical, boogie, R&B, and so on. Of all the different styles, mastering classical music can be demanding as it tends to be complex and requires immense hand flexibility. Although it is a challenge, you can imagine being right there at the top if you happen to hone your piano playing skills in classical. It will pay off. Are you a Beethoven fan? You can feel tempted to attempt one of his compositions.

If you want to gain quick skills, boogie and blues can be the way to go. These use a particular type of pattern of chords. Hence, it becomes convenient to grasp and play them. Another easy musical form can be jazz. Nevertheless, it can be both challenging and straightforward based on what you choose to learn. For some hint, you can listen to La La Land musicals. 

Having clarity on this will help you pick your music style and piano journey hassle-free. You can tell your Northport teacher about your expectations so that they can guide you accordingly.

Piano Fundamentals

Posture is an essential part of piano playing. You have to learn to position your arms and hands to avoid muscle injuries and acquire a musical flow. Plus, it can come in handy when you start playing music for a long time. If your forearm and fingers don’t align well, you will struggle. Another thing is remembering finger numbers. Your thumb will be number one and the small finger five. Do you wonder about its utility? Well, there can be small numbers above notes. These signify which finger you need to use to play a specific note. 

Once you become comfortable with this through continuous practice and learning, you will not struggle to jump from one note to another using the correct finger. To be precise, you will never run out of fingers.

 Music reading

You have to develop your notes reading skills to be able to play them on the piano. Focus on the notations instead of your hands. During the first few classes in Northport, it will be easy for you to follow this rule. You have to get this into your habit, though. According to experts, it will be better to start with one hand, then move to the left hand, and eventually, try playing the keys with both hands. Using two hands from the beginning can be intimidating and confusing. 

Besides, when you read music, your attention should be on the note values. You have to understand the number of beats a note contains. Plus, you will also start realizing whether you need to play a piece softly or loudly.  Your knowledge and physical capacity will evolve as you dig into music theory and apply your muscles. Like this, you will also go on to build chords and patterns.


Looking at someone playing the piano can make you feel it is not a task at all. But things become clear when you take the matter in your hand. If you never played this instrument, you can struggle a bit. It can feel a bit awkward also. You may fail to control and guide your fingers as per your intellect and intuition. But don’t worry about these things. If you feel stressed out, take long breaths to release your pent-up energy. Besides, pick on the scales for improvement, which contain various notes. When you play them, you essentially exercise your fingers and help them become strong.

 It is just a tiny picture of what you should look at and where you can start your musical journey with the piano. When you join a musical school, your real training will begin.