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Hellboy - Hollywood Full Movie Download

Hellboy is a Hollywood movie releasing on 12 April 2019 based on Fantasy Sci-Fi action movie. This movie directed by Neil Marshall and produced by Lawrence Gordan, and Lloyd Levin. Whereas, the lead role performed by David Harbour, Milla Jovovich, Sasha Lane, Daniel Dae Kim, and Ian Mcshane. Thomas Haden Church, Sophie Okonedo, Penelope Mitchell, Brain Gleeson, Laila Morse, Alistair Petrie, Stephen Graham, and Emma Tate have performed in the supporting roles. Screenplay and Music are done by Andrew Cosby and Benjamin Wallfisch. Below in this article, you can find the details about Hellboy Full Movie Download and where to Watch Hellboy Full Movie Online Free HD.

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Hellboy 3 Movie Story

Hellboy meets Alice on the way to find three giants

Blood Queen Nimue released a plague on England during the Dark Ages. King Arthur stops it with Ganeida’s help. King Arthur cuts off Nimue’s limbs with the Excalibur and hides the remains all over England. Coming to present day, in Tijuana, Hellboy, a paranormal investigator kills an agent of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD) named Esteban Ruiz.

In Colorado, BPRD leader sends Hellboy to hunt three giants with Orisis Club member’s help. The leader of BPRD was Trevor Bruttenholm, his adopted father. The club’s seer Lady Hatton informs Hellboy that Bruttenholm meant to kill Hellboy. On the other hand, Gruagach, a fairy recovers Nimue’s remains. The hunters try to kill Hellboy, but just before that they are ambushed by the giants. Alice Monaghan saves Hellboy when he defeated the giants.

Gruagach’s attempt at taking revenge

A SWAT team gets Hellboy back. A team including M11 agent Ben Daimio and Alice Monaghan are sent to find Gruagach. Everyone gets slaughtered at the club and Alice finds out that Hellboy was captured by Nimue to cause an apocalypse. Gruagach takes Nimue’s arm by distracting Hellboy. Gruagach wanted to take revenge from Hellboy by reviving Nimue as Hellboy ruined his chance of becoming a human.

Baba Yaga guided Gruagach for the same. They are taken to M11 headquarters by Daimio where Hellboy argues about his adoption with Bruttenholm and after leaving, gets magically transported to Baba Yaga’s house. He shoots Baba Yaga’s right eye. Hellboy is told that he’ll be given the location of Nimue’s plan to restore herself if he gives up one of his own eyes.

Hellboy and the team plan to defeat Nimue and Gruagach

Nimue’s location was Pendleton. The team goes there and kills the group except for Ganeida. But Nimue poisons Alice and flies away. Only wizard Merlin could save Alice. Ganeida tells Hellboy about him and Hellboy visits him. Merlin saves Alice and puts Alice and Daimio to sleep. Merlin then tells Hellboy that he was the descendant of King Arthur and that his mother was spirited to hell by Hellboy’s father. Hellboy was offered the Excalibur but he refused it. He got a vision that he was the one causing the apocalypse. When they return to London, Bruttenholm was missing and the M11 team was dead.


They find out that Nimue was in St. Paul’s Cathedral. There, Hellboy and Daimio together fight Gruagach. Eventually, it is Nimue who kills Gruagach. Nimue forcefully takes Hellboy to Arthur’s hidden tomb where the Excalibur was placed. Nimue kills Bruttenholm and angers Hellboy so much that Hellboy is forced to pull out the Excalibur.

Due to that, a portal from Hell gets opened and demons start entering London and attack it. Alice manages to dissuade Hellboy. He then decapitates Nimue to stop the apocalypse from happening. When all the demons go back to Hell, the portal is closed. It is shown that six months later, the trio raids a cult club and find the water tank of an Ichthyo sapiens. In a post-credits scene, Baba Yaga unleashes a force in order to finally kill Hellboy.

Movie Details:

Release Date 12 April 2019
Movie Length 120 Minutes
Language(s) Hollywood
IMDB Rating 5.5/10
Budget $50 Million
Box Office Collection $26.2 Million

News and Update

  • 15 Apr 2019– First weekend Box office collection of Hell is $9M which is not the great start for this movie
  • 17 Apr 2019– Already this movie has earned $22 Million, Hellboy 3 is performing very well.
  • 20 Apr 2019- Hellboy has crossed $ 26.2 million in the First week, this movie is performing very well in the theaters. Within 2 weeks this movie will cross 70 million mark.

Hellboy 3 Full Movie Download HD

Once, Hellboy is released in theaters (12 Apr 2019), it will take around 4-month or above to get is availability online. Not only that, but it will also be available on TV channels soon after it’s released.

If you are looking for an illegal way for Hellboy 3 Full Movie Download, then we would request you to stop, because it is against the law. Whereas, it is always better to watch movies like this is the theater. In fact, with a pirated version, you cannot have the same experience watching in theater or legal online platforms.

Do not Download Hellboy 3 Movie Online From Illegal Websites

The production house of Hellboy is Lionsgate and without their permission, no one can distribute Hellboy 3. Whereas, illegal websites mentioned below, is allowing Hellboy 3 movie download against the law. Hence, it will be illegal to download any movie from these websites.

Therefore, the Indian Government has banned these websites to provide an illegal download of movies.

Where to Watch Hellboy 3 Full Movie Online?

Movie-Rater is always against piracy, also we believe it is our duty to create awareness about not supporting piracy. Also, watching Hellboy 3 from illegal means is a punishable act, as per the Copyright law of India.

After checking all the legal platforms it has been confirmed that Hellboy 3 is not available in any legal streaming websites given below. Also, you can rent Hellboy 3 on Vudu within a month of its release.

Hellboy 3 Review

Direction review

Directed by Neil Marshall, the build-up of the movie was on point. But, later the momentum gets broken. For example, the scene when Hellboy meets Baba Yaga. Few such scenes slowed down the pace of the movie.

Acting review

David Harbour manages to act perfectly even in the violent scenes. He gets to explore the emotional side of Hellboy as well. Though, the character is too much about snarling. The performances of the rest of the characters can be called wobbly.

Cinematography review

This R-rated movie does get bloody and too violent at one point. Though the visuals might not be as brilliant as Marvel or DC studios, yet, they were pretty good. The action scenes were portrayed in a practical way.

Music review

The jarring soundtracks, especially during the fight scenes, made it difficult for the audience to connect to the scenes and felt out of place. Though, the metallic/rock music might be appreciated by some people.


The movie optimistically manages to showcase the beginning of its own franchise and gives the audience the hope to wait for its series.


  1. Hellboy the great adventure and action movie 11 years ago watching in theatre I am very happy to our hellboy full movie team now again in theatre.

  2. Amazing movie with amazing visual graphics Recommend for anyone who love action with fun and killing graphic.

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