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Shazam Full Movie Download

Shazam! is a 2019 Hollywood DC superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name and directed by David F. Sandberg. The movie is produced by Peter Safran. The film features Asher Angel, Mark Strong, Zachary Levi, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Djimon Hounsou in the lead roles. The supporting cast includes Mark Strong, Grace Fulton, Ian Chen, and Cooper Andrews. Henry Gayden has provided the Screenplay, while Benjamin Wallfisch has provided the Music. Below this article, you will find details about Shazam Full Movie Download and where to Watch Shazam Online.

Shazman Story

Introduction of Thaddeus Sivana to Shazam

In 1974, New York, Thaddeus Sivana, on a car trip with his father and brother starts arguing with them. He is dropped off to the Rock of Eternity. It’s a magical hidden temple from another dimension. There, he is encountered with Shazam, an ancient wizard. Shazam is the last person alive of the Council of Seven Wizards. Shazam has been searching for a partner, pure at heart.

His previous partner had gone mad and had released 7 deadly sins upon the world. But Thaddeus is found unworthy of the same and is then sent back to Earth. He wanted to go back, and while driving, he starts disturbing his father about the same which leads to an accident and his father gets crippled.

Billy becomes new Shazam and Sivana envies him

In present day, an adult Thaddeus figures out some way to get back to the Rock of Eternity. He then steals the Eye of sin and outwits the Wizards by becoming the Sins’ Vessel. Shazam chooses Billy as his new champion. Billy is a foster kid at school who saved Freddy, another foster kid from bullies. Billy is then provided with the wizard’s name.

Shazam then turns into dust and Billy, upon returning home, starts testing his new powers with Freddy’s help, few of which included super intelligence, flight, manipulation and vulnerability. Billy starts using his powers to earn money and fame and stops attending school. One day, Sivana challenges Shazam while he was trying to save a bus. He defeats him, but Shazam escapes into a crowd by returning to his identity that is turning back to Billy.

Sivana deduces Shazam as Billy and uses Freddy to reach Billy. Few children tell Billy that they found his mother. When Billy meets her, he finds out that she had abandoned him, reason being, she did not want to be a single teen-aged mother and her ex-husband was in jail. Billy breaks all links with her. On his way back, Sivana calls him and tells him that the foster kids living with Billy were now abducted by him. Sivana wanted Shazam’s powers in exchange for the kids. Sivana agrees. On their way to the Rock of Eternity, the foster kids manage to follow and hit Sivana. Shazam then stuns Sivana but realises that Sivana will lose his power when all the seven sins would leave his body.

Shazam and other foster kids battle with Sivana and the sins and defeat them

Sivana later follows Shazam and the rest of the kids to come to a winter carnival, where the sins are unleashed upon the crowd. The sins capture Shazam’s family and the Wrath battles Shazam and demand his powers. When Sivana recalls the sins, Shazam stuns Sivana again and takes the staff with him.

Billy uses the staff to transform the siblings into superheroes, just like him. He shares his powers with them. The siblings then distract the sins and Sivana battles with Shazam. Shazam renders Sivana powerless which makes the Envy leave Sivana’s body and all the Seven Sins get recaptured. The foster kids become Billy’s true family and all of them together are then called heroes.


They return the Eye and the Sins and realize that the Rock of Eternity was now their new lair. Billy enters school in Shazam form for lunch and enlightens Freddy by informing him that he invited Superman to lunch too.

Movie Details:

Release Date5 April 2019
Movie Length2h:12m
Language(s)English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu
IMDB Rating8.3
Budget$100 million
Box Office Collection$347.2 million

Shazman Full Movie Download HD

As of now, Shazam is not available on any legal streaming websites. In fact, it will be available on TV channels and legal streaming websites in a few months of its release. First, the movie will be available on Online Streaming websites before TV.

What should you do to watch this movie before TV and Online Streaming sites? If this is your question, then you must watch this movie near your theaters after 5th April 2019.

Movie-Rater and its affiliated network are against piracy, also do not encourage you to download or watch Shazam movie from any illegal websites. Also, Watching or downloading Shazam from any illegal websites is against the Indian Copyright law.

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After the release of Shazam, you can rent Shazam at Vudu. Currently, it is not available on Vudu or any legal streaming websites are given below.

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If you want Sazam Full Download in Hindi, you would have to wait until the movie is streamed in any oh the below-mentioned websites.

Watch Shazam Tamil Full Movie Online

We have verified that Shazam Tamil Movie is not available on below mentioned legal streaming websites. Also, it is said that Shazam full movie will be available within a couple of months of its release.

Watch Shazam Telugu Full Movie Online

At present, the Shazam Telugu Movie is not available on any of the legal streaming websites. So, we request you to wait until Shazam gets available on these streaming websites.

Do not watch or download Shazam from Illegal Movie Streaming Websites

Peter Safran is the producers and the copyright owner of Shazam. In fact, he has never authorized any of the websites to provide Shazam Full Movie Download. These piracy websites are running illegally and hence is against the law. Similarly, downloading or watching movies from illegal websites is against copyright law.

Therefore, we request you not to download or watch Hollywood movie Shazam from these illegal websites. Likewise, if you will not engage in these illegal movie downloads, you are indirectly helping the people those who are work in the Hollywood Film industry in and around the World. Actually, the Indian Government has banned some websites which try to provide Shazam Full Movie Download illegally.

Shazam Review

Direction review

A DC movie, directed by David Sandberg, Shazam is a family movie with a not so dark superhero and an entertaining plot. The depiction of foster care has been aptly done. Yet, the charming moments of the movie may lose their impact due to the cliched story.

Acting review

The characters of Billy and Shazam were completely different people which made it very difficult to understand what was actually going on in the film. The performances, all in all, can be called enthusiastic.

Cinematography review

All the child actors together, when enacting a scene, showed the best of their capabilities and gave some unbeatable performances, making the film look great.

Music review

The music of the movie made the kids look energetic as ever and brought out their jubilant personalities.


The plot was comedic with amusing subplots, yet at some points, the scenes seemed out of place, especially during the villain scenes.


  1. Totally funny great story! Best superhero movie in a long time .go and watch Shazam full movie.i am going to see it again.

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