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Mr Local Full Movie Download

Mr Local is a 2019 Tamil romantic and drama film directed by M Rajesh. The film features  Sivakarthikeyan and Nayanthara in the lead roles. Mr Local movie is all about a love story between a high standard Businesswoman and a middle-class Local boy. The entire movie showcases the fight between the local guy, Manhor who works in Keerthana Vasudeva company. In fact, Mr. Local is inspired by Rajnikanth’s superhit film Mannan which was released in 1992. Below this article, you will find details about Mr. Local Full Movie Download and where to watch Mr. Local Movie Full Movie Online Free HD.

Mr. Local Story

Mr. Local showcases a love story whereas Manhor (Sivakarthikeyan) playing the role of a local guy. On the other hand, Keerthana Vasudeva (Nayanthara) Playing the role of a rich girl who is a CEO of KV Entertainment. One fine day both meet each other and Manhor falls for her. Knowing about Manhor love she replies saying”She is allergic to local guys”.

As the days pass by, Manhor keeps meeting Keerthana and starts irritating here. There on, Manohar challenges her that he will make her fall in love with him and she will come to look after me. In Short, it is a cold war between a rich girl and a local guy.

Movie Details:

Mr. Local Release Date1 May 2019
IMDB Rating3.9/10
Movie Length2h 35min
Budget15.00 Crore
Box Office CollectionTBA

Mr Local Full Movie Download HD

As per Indian Copyright law Piracy is a crime, also Movie-Rater is against it. Mr. Local is quite a popular movie and everyone would be looking for Mr Local Full Movie Download or where to watch Mr Local online. In fact, the legal streaming website is the only platform on which you can watch Mr Local Online legally.

It is illegal to Download Mr Local From Illegal Websites

Everybody knows, but no one follows it. We are already aware of the fact that you can download Mr Local full movie online, but the platform that you are downloading from is illegal. But, are you aware that you might be punished if you are found downloading this movie?

Yes! as per the copyright law of India, it is illegal those who search for Mr Local Full Movie download might be punished if caught. This punishment can be a find of 50,000 to 3 lakh or 3 months imprisonment. Hence, we request you to the websites given below to download movies.

Where to Watch Mr Local Full Movie Online?

The only platform from where you can watch or download Mr Local movie online legally is online streaming websites. Also, after September 2019, Mr Local Full Movie download will be available on the legal streaming websites given below.

After verifying all the platforms, we got to know that Mr Local is not yet available. Hence. we request you to wait until Mr Local is available on these legal streaming websites.

Mr Local Movie Review


M. Rajesh as always brings the best comedy also, hope for Sivakarthikeyan career. Mr Rajesh has done his part perfectly fine and the way he is has managed from production to final output, we can say its quite appreciable. Also, he seems to be a lucky charm for Sivakarthikeyan.


Story of Mr Local is commercial, but definitely a successful one. The major part that makes the movie successful is the actors and the comedy. Every frame of this Tamil movie is hilarious, which makes the story of the movie worth watching. The way how the story takes place between two egoistic people and how they fall in love is what the entire movie revolves around.


Mr Local is one of the best comedy movies of 2019. Even after having the same commercial story, the punch line, acting and a perfect blend of narration make the actors look at their best.


Mr Local is a family drama and comedy movie that everyone should watch. In fact, this is one of those movies that will refresh you this summer. A perfect blend of comedy of humor makes the movie worth watching.

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