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Secret Super Star Full Movie Download

Secret Superstar is a Bollywood musical drama film which is directed by Advait Chandan. The movie is produced by Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao. The film showcases Insia, a 15-year-old girl wants to become a singer. The film features Zaira Wasim, Meher VijRaj Arjun. Tirth Sharma, Kabir Sajid, Harsh Jha, and Farrukh Jaffer. have acted the supporting roles. She convinces her mother Najma to allow her father Farookh to take part in the music competition. In the music competition, the winner will get a laptop and one-year internet free. Below this article, you will find details about Secret Super Star Full Movie Download and where to watch Secret Superstar Online.

Secret Super Star Story

Introduction to characters

Insia Malik (Zaira Wasim), a young woman, lives with her family in Baroda. Including her mom Najma (Meher Vij), her sibling Guddu, and her harsh and customary dad Farookh (Raj Arjun). Insia is enthusiastic about singing however; her dad is against her fantasy of being a singer. He leaves town for work and returns just once per week.

Father does not want Insia to pursue her hobby

In spite of the fact that Insia cannot take an interest in a music rivalry, Najma endowments Insia a PC which as a prize. She records a melody wearing a niqab, so that her father cannot discover her character, and transfers the video on YouTube under the name of ‘Mystery Superstar’. She turns into a medium-term sensation and catches the eye of Shakti Kumar (Aamir Khan), a capable yet vainglorious music chief situated in Mumbai.

He demands Insia to record a melody, however she denies as she hears plenty of negative audits of him. At some point, she abandons her educational cost test to peruse a paper article about her. At her rooftop, Chintan (Tirth Sharma) uncovers that he knows Insia is the Secret Superstar. He proposes to her, which, she becomes flushed and rejects. Because of her poor test grade, Farookh breaks her guitar.

Insia meets Shakti Kumar

The following night, subsequent to finding Najma sold her jewelry to purchase Insia’s PC; Farookh beats her brutally and powers Insia to toss her PC from the overhang. Subsequent to seeing a celebrated attorney on TV who won a separation argument against Shakti Kumar, Insia chooses to acknowledge Shakti’s idea to sing for him to get her folks to separate.

Insia gets in contact with Shakti and goes to Mumbai to record a melody. While getting away from school with assistance from Chintan, she pronounces her adoration for him. In Mumbai, she is unfit to sing the gathering tune, as she feels the melody resembles a remix of another, which never discharged; He sings to her his initially composed tune. Insia records the first form of the melody and her popularity increments as she is been

Named for the Best Female Singer.

Shakti is doing everything to keep Insia from pursuing her talent
Shakti reluctantly fixes her gathering with his ex’s legal advisor who gives Insia a few documents for marks. When home, her mom cruelly rejects Insia’s proposal for separation, as they would have no money related help generally.

Insia winds up furious yet later pardons her after her grandma uncovers how Najma attempted to keep Insia alive regardless of Farookh’s endeavors to prematurely end her. Farookh uncovers that he showed signs of improvement work in Riyadh, and she is frustrated as Farookh is taking the whole family with him and Insia would likewise wed his companion’s child. He affirms their take-off on the most recent day of Insia’s tests.


On the last day of school, Insia and Chintan spend their last upbeat minutes together. At the air terminal, a counter representative illuminates Farookh around an additional pack having the guitar. Farookh reprimands Najma to which she challenges. She furiously signs the legal documents and walks out of the air terminal with her children leaving Farookh. Each of the three goes to the honors function where Insia was been designated for Best Female Singer.

Sadly, Secret Superstar does not win the honor. In any case, the champion, Monali Thakur, hands over the honor to her who goes ahead stage. Insia uncovers her personality to everybody, devotes her honor to Najma, and regards her the genuine ‘Mystery Superstar’ since she bolstered and battled for Insia dependably. She drops the mic and grasps Najma. The screen blurs to a message committing the film “To Mothers and Motherhood.” Later, Shakti discharges his gathering tune on YouTube devoted to Insia.

Movie Details:

Release Date 19 Oct 2017
Movie Length 150 minutes
Language(s) Hindi
IMDB Rating 8.0
Budget 15 Cr
Box Office Collection 977 Cr

Secret Super Star Full Movie Download HD

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