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Wonder Woman Full Movie Download

Wonder Woman is a 2017 action and superhero Hollywood movie, directed by Patty Jenkins. The movie is produced by Charles Roven, Deborah Snyder, Zack Snyder, and
Richard Suckle. In the lead roles is Gal Gadot. The supporting cast includes Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Connie Nielsen, and Elena. Allan Heinberg has provided the Screenplay, while Rupert Gregson-Williams has provided the Music. Below in this article, you can find the details about
Wonder Woman Full Movie Download and where to Watch Wonder Woman Online.

Wonder Woman Story

Diana’s training as a warrior

Diana recalls her past when she receives a photographic plate of her along with four other men during world war I Diana is brought up on the hidden island of Themyscira which is home to Amazonian women warriors that was created by Zeus so that mankind could be protected. She is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta. The queen describes the history of the warriors where she says, that Ares had planned the destruction of mankind as he was jealous of humanity.

The other gods tried to stop him, but in the battle, all were killed except Zeus. Zeus then used his best power which withdrew Ares from the battle. As the end to Zeus approached, he left behind a weapon “god-killer” for the time when Ares would return. The queen restricts Diana from being trained as a warrior, but eventually agrees her sister General Antiope to train Diana relentlessly.

Diana and Steve leave the island and the location of the deadly gas

In 1918, Captain Steve Trevor of the US was rescued when his plane had crashed off the Themysciran coast. Immediately, the German soldiers invade the area and the crew is killed by the Amazons. In the war, Antiope tries to save Diana and sacrifices herself. Steve then discloses that he has stolen a notebook belonging to chemist Dr. Maru who was trying to make a deadly form of mustard gas with orders from General Erich Ludendorff. Diana thinks that it is Ares who is responsible for this and takes the “Godkiller” sword and leaves the island along with Steve so that she can do good to humanity.

Maru’s notebook is then taken to the supreme war council and Diana translates the notes which unveils that the Germans plan to release a lethal gas. Though not permitted by the commander, Steve takes a secret fund from Morgana hires a spy and smuggler and the squad reaches Belgium. On the other hand, Diana goes alone and reaches the enemy channel and captures the enemy.

There is a brief celebration and a photograph is taken in the village Veld. When the team gets to know that there is a carnival at the German high command, both Diana and Steve invade the party. Steve tries to find the location of the gas and Diana thinks that Ludendorff is Ares and tries to kill him. But Steve does not want her to interfere in his mission, during this time the gas is released at Veld and all the occupants die. Diana follows Ludendorff where the gas was loaded in the aircraft. Diana kills him, but the war does not stop leaving Diana confused.


Morgan then appears and says that he is Ares. He tells that he has used Maru and Ludendorff as puppets. Diana takes her “god-killer” sword and tries to kill Ares, but he destroys the sword. The two of them have a battle, the team set by Steve destroys the laboratory. Steve then takes the aircraft which was loaded with the gas to a safe altitude and explodes it, thus ending his life.

When Diana is in the grief of Steve’s death, Ares tells her to kill Maru, but she feels that humans also have good within them. Thus she does not kill Maru but instead reflects back the lightning to Ares killing him .the team marks the end of the battle. She then thanks Wayne for the photograph and says that the world can be saved only with true love.

Movie Details:

Release Date15 May 2017
IMDB Rating7.5/10
Movie Length2hrs 22min
Budget$120–150 million
Box Office Collection$821 million

Wonder Woman Full Movie Download HD

There’s no doubt that Wonder Women is one of the best DC movies and you can find multiple websites for Wonder Woman Full Movie Download. But, it is really important for you to opt for legal streaming websites.

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Do not Download Wonder Woman From Illegal Platforms

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Where to Watch Wonder Woman Full Movie Online?

Being a 2017 movie, there are several legal streaming websites from where you can watch Wonder Woman Full Movie Online. These streaming sites work as per the Copyright law. Hence, there is no harm to Watch Wonder Woman online from these websites.

Currently, Wonder Woman Full Movie is available on below legal streaming websites:

Watch Wonder Woman Full Movie Online Free

As of now, Wonder Woman Full movie is not available for free on any legal streaming websites. In fact, there are websites and YouTube channels, who are streaming Wonder Woman for free which are illegal. Also, these websites and YouTube Channel gets banned as soon as they are noticed.

Check the list of free legal streaming websites that can allow you to watch Wonder Woman Full Movie Online free.

Follow us back to get a regular update on Wonder Woman Full Movie Download and where to Watch Wonder Woman Full Movie Online.

Wonder Woman Movie Reviews


Rupert Gregson-Williams has composed the music. It is not monochrome and has colors in it. But the music is bland and dull which a bit disappointing. There is too much of temp-tracking which is not the current trend. Overall, the music is just above average.


Nice setup and gradual building up of the pace makes it a good movie to watch for the present generation. Each character is unique. It did seem to drag a little longer at some points which were not necessary.


The lead actress has given her best performance and is refreshing. She has done some brilliant action sequences and the movie seems to be alive throughout. Chris Pine has also done a good job in the movie

Box office

The movie made a gross amount of $412.6 million in the United States and $409.3 million in Canada The production amount was $120-$150 million, and its worldwide collection in other territories is around  $ 821.8 million.


It is a mix of emotion, entertainment, comedy and thus has made it as one of the best superhero movies.

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