6 Best Free Streaming Service You Can Try in This Pandemic 

6 Best Free Streaming Service
6 Best Free Streaming Service

We all are movie-lovers, and we love to watch movies without and long streaming issues. Platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video are already stuck in a streaming war. But if you are looking for a streaming service that requires not a single penny, we have prepared a list of some incredible 6 best free streaming service free movie and TV streaming sites.

Yes, you heard it right; these TV and movie streaming services come at zero cost. However, you can’t expect all the content to be original or exclusive similar to paid streamers. These sites are not as luxurious as paid ones, but here is our recommendation for free streaming sites and services if you prefer saving a few dollars.


This service, initially known as Freedive, enables users in the United States of America to watch movies and TV shows for free on Fire TV devices and IMDb. It is basically an online database of information covering all details related to television programs, films, home videos, and online streaming content. 

It also offers features like video games, personal biographies, ratings, plot summaries, and critical reviews. All the content here can be streamed at absolutely zero cost; however, this streaming site is free but comes with advertisements.

Los Movies

Los Movies is another popular platform with a regularly updated collection of really high-quality movies. All the users accessing this website are automatically obliged to their rules and regulations while entering. Moreover, Los Movies does not host any content of its own, and it is just an accumulator of links to live streaming services.

There is not much difference, this platform is similar to Google and any other search engine, and they do not break any copyright laws. Los Movies is known to be a safe haven to many movie lovers around the world.


Crackle is accessible in Canada and the United States. It is mainly an ad-supported video entertainment platform that offers complete-length movies, original programming, and TV shows. 

Its services are available on many platforms like mobile devices, connected TV shows, video games consoles, set-top boxes, and online. So all you people out there get ready to witness your all-time favorite classics, comedy, and fiction on crackle.

 The Roku Channel

This is a free streaming platform where you can enjoy a ‘constantly changing collection of free movies, live news, shows on Kids growth, and much more. Besides free films on the weekly watch list, Roku Channel offers you live TV streaming such as Cheddar News and ABC News. Make sure you stream on Roku with the devices that can be connected to Roku TVs or your TV that already have the streaming feature built-in. However, if you prefer to watch it from the laptop, all you have to do is create an account on the website, and you are all set to watch it online.


Yes, you heard it right. NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, now has a free option. This free streaming platform is an ad-supported one but provides the viewers with around 7,500+ hours of programming.

 The Peacock Free consists of next-day access to the current seasons, any freshman broadcast series, popular movies, daily news, classic series, and sports programming such as Olympics, Spanish language content series. Its sub-platforms streaming channels include SNL Vault, Olympic Profiles, and Family Movie Night.


This is another ad-supported streaming website, which is available in the bordering United States. It provides free on-demand and lives entertainment. Users have a choice to choose from more than 160 various channels to tune in.

Shows like Family Feud, Fox Sports, and The Today show are all available there. You can also watch full-length show seasons along with movies. XUMO can be accessed on Sharp, Hisense, Magnavox, Philips, Panasonic, Sanyo, or VIZIO smart TVs. Platforms like Channel plus enabled LG TVs, iPods, iPhones, and Android devices can also access XUMO.

These are some of the best free streaming services that you can enjoy with zero cost and a few limitations. There are other options too in this list, but these are some the of best ones we have come across.