Best Transgender Movies

Best Trasegender Movies

Transgenderism existed way back as long as we can imagine.  There are many films on transgender and their ordeals.  There are many movies in this genre that explore different aspects of this special class having different themes and backgrounds.

Here is a list of movies that are worth watching in this genre.

All About My Mother

This movie is about Manuela, a nurse who looks after donor organ transplants in a hospital in Madrid, and also a single mom to Esteban who wants to be a writer.

Esteban dies from being hit by a car. She then agrees for her son’s heart to be transplanted to a man and quits her job, goes to Barcelona in hopes to see her son’s father.  Lola, a transvestite and also Esteban’s biological father, is a sex worker. Manuela kept this secret from both the father and the son.  Their lives are once again reunited, exposing Manuela to the hardships of Lola’s life. This is truly a heart-wrenching story about family, love, and acceptance.

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A Girl Like Me: Gwen Araujo Story

One of the saddest and most tragic movies out there. This movie follows the life of Gwen Araujo, a transwoman teen who just wants to live her life as a woman. She grew up with the support of her family, however, that wasn’t enough for her to live a full life as society’s bigotry was able to take her life.

  She was brutally murdered by teenagers who she met at a house party. Her precious life was taken away at the tender age of 17. According to the investigations, four men around the same age were involved in the gruesome killing.

The Danish Girl

This is a film that not only deals with the transgender on a whole and the difficulties faced by them but also is a pure love story.

Set in the 1920s, this one is truly heart-wrenching and gripping as such a feat in those times is truly radical and can compromise one’s livelihood and life altogether.  The 2015 film was directed by Tom Hooper and collected $64.2 million in the box office and it helped Eddie Redmayne be recognized as an actor of a certain caliber. It also helped him become nominated for a Golden Globe.  This one is the best of the lot.  There are other trans movies.