Army of Dead: The Zombies Take Las Vegas

The Zombies Take Las Vegas
The Zombies Take Las Vegas

Zack Snyder is seen by the movie-loving public as the maker of deep, thoughtful, and pretty dark movies. Just look at his recent filmography: Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Batman vs. Superman, Man of Steel… But let’s not forget about his roots: he started his career directing music videos, and his first feature film was a remake of George Romero’s classic zombie movie, “Dawn of the Dead”. And now he’s returning to the zombie genre with the casino heist movie Army of the Dead, set to be released on Netflix in just a few days (May 21). Here’s what to expect from Zack Snyder’s upcoming zombie heist movie.

The idea? Not entirely new…

The idea of a heist movie aggravated by the living dead is not entirely new – it was the topic of Dead Heist, a 2007 B-movie with a low budget and not much talent involved. And the idea of Las Vegas being overrun by zombies was also brought to screen – but not as a movie but in the form of a slot machine.

Lost Vegas, a game you can try at Spin Casino India, takes its players into a zombie-ridden Sin City filled with undead Elvis impersonators and rotting corpses covered in glitter and jewelry. In the game, players can join a rag-tag team of survivors trying to find their way out of an overrun Las Vegas (or the hungry dead hunting for some fresh meat). Microgaming released the game in 2016.

What to expect?

The Zombies Take Las Vegas

The setting for the movie may is not entirely new, and neither is the idea – but you can expect great things from Snyder’s upcoming movie. According to the movie’s official synopsis, a zombie outbreak swipes across the state of Nevada, filling Las Vegas with hordes of hungry undead before the casinos in the area could salvage the huge piles of cash they hide in their vaults. A group of mercenaries, led by the fearless Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) decide it’s their time to free the money trapped in the Las Vegas vaults – an impressive amount, $200 million – while facing the undead hordes roaming the streets.

Whenever a movie has “of the Dead” in the title, it’s almost always automatically compared to George A. Romero’s classic zombie movies – it usually falls short. The one exception was Zack Snyder’s “Dawn of the Dead” remake that is considered the only one worthy of the classic, even though it received some criticism for its ‘fast zombies’ at the time.

Apparently, the same fast-moving undead will return to the screen – combined with the combative nature of the team doing the shooting, we can expect the movie to be filled with eventful action scenes. And between them, we can expect to be fun – after all, there is no point looking for deep ideas and social criticism in a zombie heist action movie, right?

Army of the Dead saw a limited theatrical release in the United States a few days ago. The rest of the world will have a chance to see it when it hits Netflix on May 21.