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Kala Shah Kala Full Movie Download

Kala Shah Kala is a Punjabi comedy-drama movie about a man who has color complexion issue. Directed by Amarjit Singh and produced by Harsimran Dhillon, Gursimran Dhillon Navaniat Singh, Binnu Dhillon, and Karan Soni. starring Binnu Dhillon and Sargun Mehta in the lead roles. Jordan Sandhu, Karamjit Anmol, Harby Sanghu, and Shehnaaz Gill. The music is directed by Bunty Bains, Jaidev Kumar, Jaggi Singh, and Jatinder Shah. The screenplay is done by Amarjit Singh. The movie was out on 14th Feb 2019 and has received a good review from the audience. Below this article, you can find details about Kala Shah Kala Full Movie Download and where to Watch Kala Shah Kala Online.

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Kala Shah Kala Movie Story

Lovely and Pammi’s proposal

Lovely has a dark complexion due to which no one is ready to marry him. Each time a proposal comes to someone it gets rejected. Pammi is a very beautiful girl but due to some unknown reasons, she is also not finding a good match and therefore is not getting married. An old lady ‘ Nindro Bhua’ sends each other their matches and finally Lovely and Pammi’s marriage gets fixed. Pammi is unhappy over this marriage getting fixed as she is in love with Jaggi who is from her village.

Pammi’s Marriage to Lovely

Over the days, Pammi and Lovely get married. Post marriage Pammi behaves like she is inhabited by a ghost. Lovely’s entire family starts getting frightened by this. They also end up taking advice from the superstitious. One day, Lovely gets drunk, and seem to be unshaken by her acting and she ends up saying that she loves Jaggi and that she is pretending of behaving like an inhabitant of ghost and also says that she was forced to marry him. Following this incident, Lovely decides that both Jaggi and Pammi should meet. But the old woman who fixed their proposal requested them to wait till the marriage of Paal, and if they fail to wait, then it can have an influence on their marriage

How Pammi and Jaggi meet

During Paal’s marriage, Jaggi tries to be extra good to the family members of Pammi and also takes extra measures in handling the work related to the marriage ceremony. Lovely’s friends advise him to woo Pammi, failing which he will have to let her go off to Jaggi. He even ended up chopping vegetables and washing utensils. In the meantime, Pammi and Jaggi have a fight and Jaggi returns back. But Jaggi convinces Pammi to meet him again so that she remains happy. Pammi and Jaggi finally meet and decide to leave the place together after the marriage ceremony.


The final sequence is in the railway station where lovely and his friends are leaving to their village while Pammi and Jaggi are going to Chandigarh, but in the end, Pammi left Jaggi and came back to Lovely.

Movie Details:

Release Date14 Feb 2019
Movie Length140 minutes
No of Songs5
IMDB Rating8.2/10
DirectorAmarjit Singh
Lead ActorsBinnu Dhillon
Total Collection₹19crore

Kala Shah Kala Full Movie Download HD

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Where To Watch Kala Shah Kala Full Movie Online?

There are several ways to watch Kala Shaha Kala Full Movie, but the best way for watching movies is in theatres or on the legal streaming websites. Kala Shah Kala will be available on TV channels around July 2019.

Movie rater is always against illegal websites and you should watch movies on legal streaming websites. The legal streaming websites may provide you with Kala Shaha Kala around June 2019. In fact, these streaming websites provide you with movies with a low charge.

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Watch Kala Shah Kala Full Movie Online Free

There are several platforms to watch Kala Shah Kala Full movie online free, but one few of them are legal. As of nown, none of the legal streamings wbeistes have Kala Shah Kala Full movie for free. But, it might come by this year end in the below given Legal Streaming websites.

Kala Shah Kala Movie Review


Amarjit’s comedy has been delivered well especially in the first half of the movie. It comes clear that he is gifted in making comedy movies. The movie stands tall in terms of comedy


Binnu Dillon gets to play a romantic boy who is soft and delicate. Sargun Mehta, on the other hand, plays a wonderful role and gives her best for the character she played. The peak of her role was seen in the emotional sequences. The role of Jordan is short, but he plays a vital role.

Box office:

The movie has got good reviews from the public and it has a worldwide collection of about 19 crores and it has the highest gross revenue among the Punjabi movies of 2019. It is also the first Punjabi movie to be released in UAE


Like any other Punjabi movie, this movie too is high on wedding songs. The songs are melodious. If Punjabi songs enthrall you then it is definitely the music that you can look for.


The ending of the movie is quite foreseeable. On the whole, the movie provides a through entertainment and gives a chance for the audience to absorb the comedy which is the main focus of the movie. But being the time period kind of movie, it fails to deliver the kind of stuff expected by the audience. There is definitely something about the movie since it has crossed the regional borders.


  1. The Kala Shah Kala full movie filled with laughter and a great storyline.
    Everyone should go and watch this movie.

  2. Binnu dhillon acting is the best.kala Shah Kala movie is a great dose for Laughter !
    I Would rate is 9.9/10

  3. Beware this movie is too funny . dialogue are very funny. I have seen Kala Shah Kala full movie 5 times

  4. Absolutely superb, great way to exercise lungs through laughter .
    Binnu Dhillon gave a 5 star performance.

  5. Sargun has done amazing work .. they both look adorable together can watch again like seriously..
    Can’t wait for next one.

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