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Hate Story 4 Full Movie Download

Hate Story 4 is a Bollywood revenge thriller film directed by Vishal Pandya. The movie is produced by Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar. In the lead roles are Urvashi Rautela, Karan Wahi, and Vivan Bhatena. The supporting cast includes Shaad Randhawa, Tia Bajpai, Ihana Dhillon, and Gulshan Grover. Sameer Arora and Vishal Pandya have provided the Screenplay, while Sunny and Inder Barwa have provided the Music. London based Aryan and Rajveer are the son of business tycoon Vikram Khurana. Aryan is handling the family business and is looking out for a new female face for his campaign. He is in love with Rishma who also looking after his business. Below this article, you will find details about Hate Story 4 Full Movie Download and where to watch Hate Story 4 Full Movie Online.

However, Rajveer is a womanizer and professional photographer who approaches Taasha to be the model of their campaign. Later, Tasha becomes a star and both brothers fall in love with her. And, it leads Aryan to murder Rishma after she finds about his relationship with Tasha. Afterward, Aaryan and Taasha place Rishma’s body, they came to know that Tasha is not one who comes to revenge against Khurana’s.

Hate Story 4 Story

How Rishma gets the photo and why she is killed

Vikram Khurana who is a businessman and a politician has two sons, Rajveer and Aryan. Rajveer looks for a brand new face for the company ad in that process meets Tasha. He promises her that he would make her a star and manages to hire her. He hires some mobsters to attack Tasha so that he can come in as a hero. While paying these mobsters, a picture is taken. On the other hand, Aryan is also attracted by Tasha and she gets intoxicated in a party and spends the night with Aryan. The next day she regrets what happened the previous day. This photo is what has been sent to her phone anonymously.

In the present, Tasha and Aryan together abandon Rishma’s body in a river. Tasha opens up that she is the one behind all the events that happened so far. She also tells that she was aware of the rowdy gang that was hired by Rajveer.  She also tells that on the night when Aryan and she were drunk and Aryan passed out, she is the one who took the photos of both in compromising positions and then had to send it to Rishma’s phone. Tasha avoids Rajveer and makes him desperate. She rejects the proposal by Rajveer and tells him that his brother had told her how he persuades girls to sleep with him and then leaves. Aryan gets a video of him disposing of Rishma’s body.

Story two years back

Vikram now receives the photo of Aryan and Tasha as well as the video clip. He also receives a call from a blackmailer (Tasha) in which she tells him that both sons who had committed a crime 2 years ago have to confess. The story of what happened two years back is then narrated. Rajveer had forced Bhavna (Tia Bajpai) to his car, and when an onlooker (Ashwin played by Shaad Randhawa) came to her rescue, he was shot by Aryan. Natasha (Tasha) who happens to be Ashwin’s sister, and his mother, arrive to the hospital when he is brought to the hospital. Vikram threatens Bhavna’s family not to reveal anything. Natasha decides to takes revenge.


In the present, Rajveer is upset that Aryan has come in between his love. He tells Aryan that he will reveal that he has killed Rishma. Aryan tries to stop Rajveer but ends up killing Rajveer and disposes of the body of Rajveer in a grave as told by Tasha. Monica who is Rajveer’s ex-girlfriend finds the reality of Tasha and tells to Aryan. Aryan now wants to kill Tasha, but she escapes it, but injures herself and pretends in front of the police. Police then arrest Aryan. In the end, Tasha tells that Vikram has not brought up his sons well. Back at Natasha’s home, it is shown that Rishma is alive and that she was Ashwin’s fiancé earlier.

Movie Details:

Release Date 9 Mar 2018
Movie Length 127 minutes
Language(s) Hindi
IMDB Rating 3.4
Budget ₹17 Cr
Box office collection ₹26 Cr

Hate Story 4 Full Movie Download HD

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  1. I have seen the movie and it’s brilliant . It teaches us many things. I think the movie deserve an Award.

  2. The acting of Karan Wahi is great as well as other . The acting was the best part of hate story series .

  3. I’m going to watch this movie definitely because of miss Rautela. she is so glamorous beautiful and nice actress.

  4. A Google thriller movie with a good message and erotic scenes and Uravashi Rautela has a killing performance.

  5. Hate story 4 was nice movie . Special credit to the cast because they made this movie outstanding with their acting skills.

  6. Great story .
    Hate story 4 was superb movie.
    Must watchable movie. Music and songs are also good.

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