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Raees Full Movie Download

Raees is a 2017 action Bollywood movie, directed by Rahul Dholakia. The movie is produced by Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar, and Gauri Khan. In the lead roles are Shah Rukh Khan, Mahira Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The supporting cast includes Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Sheeba Chaddha, and Atul Kulkarni. Rahul Dholakia has provided the Screenplay, while Ram Sampath has provided the Music. Below in this article, you can find the details about Raees Full Movie Download and where to Watch Raees Movie Online.

Story Raees Movie

Raees starts illicit trading

Raees belongs to Gujarat, where alcohol consumption is banned. At a very young age, Raees becomes a part of the illicit liquor trade. He joins hands with Jairaj (Atul Kulkarni), who is a gangster and smuggles liquor with the help of the corrupt police. Raees’s mother has a philosophy in life that any occupation that a person does as long as it does not cause destruction or harm it is good.

Now, Raees wants to live by this and then he splits himself from Jairaj and starts to function by himself. He then meets Musabhai and starts to illegally manufacture alcohol products. Majumdar who is an honest police officer is relocated to Fatehpur and he now tracks the alcohol dealers.

The support of the CM and Pashabahi and the conflicts

The chief minister of Gujarat who is a tricky politician encourages Raees to do the illegal business.  Raees being a tactful and intelligent person manages to deflect Majumdar and progresses with his business. In the course of time, he marries Aasiya (played by Mahira Khan).

Jairaj tries to kill Raees since they have mutual differences. Raees overcomes this and he kills Jairaj. Majumdar is transferred to Kutch. Raees offers a job to the women to sew bags made of cloth, and he uses that in smuggling. The chief minister offers Raees to evacuate the occupants where he intends to have a housing project.

Majumdar Vs Raees

As Majumdar is transferred, he listens to the conversations of Raees and tracks all his activities. Pashabhai contests for the election, and as part of the campaign, he plans to ban illicit trade of liquor.as he marches through Raees’s area he is attacked. CM tells him to be remanded to custody but

Raees makes tells him that he would continue with his trading from jail. CM and Pashabhai join hands and plan to stop Raees’s business. Rees contests for the election from custody and is victorious. Raees goes to the land where the housing project is planned and makes a plan of the school and a hospital.

He approaches people to invest in the project. Majumdar returns back to Fathepur. The state is in short of food as riots erupt in the state. Raees spends money to provide food for the localities. The housing project stops and Rees finds that he has no money left after spending on election, project and food distribution. He is offered money in exchange for smuggling gold. Raees gives back the money of the investors.


There is a series of explosions that happen. And when the investigations start, it is found that Raees is responsible for that. It is then learned that the gold that he smuggled contained RDX. Since Musa has betrayed him about the gold, he kills him. Majumdar tries to kill Raees, but Raees surrenders himself after bringing the press. Raees is finally shot by Majumdar and he dies.

Movie Details:

Release Date23 Jan 2017
IMDB Rating6.9/10
Movie Length2hrs 23min
Budget₹127 crore
Box Office Collection₹272.5 crore

Raees Full Movie Download HD

One of the most popular movies of Shahrukh Khan, there is no doubt that people might be looking for Raees Full Movie Download. Whereas, the Copyright law states that downloading Raees Full movie online is illegal.

But, you can also find some platforms that allow Raees Movie download. In fact, these websites are illegal which might cause you in trouble if you are caught supporting piracy.

Do not watch or download Raees Bollywood Movie from Illegal platforms 

As downloading any movie is illegal, hence Movie-Rater does not encourage you to get involved in it. In fact, you might face trouble if you are caught downloading or watching Raees movie from these illegal websites.

Platforms To Watch Raees Full Movie Online

Being a 2017 movie, you can watch Raees Full movie online on several legal streaming platforms. In fact, we will only guide you about the legal platforms where Raees Full Movie is available.

  • If you are a Netflix user, then you can watch Raees Full movie online for free with Netflix Subscription. To watch this movie click on the link: Netflix
  • Apart from Netflix, you can also buy or rent Raees movie online from Google Play Movies, YouTube Movies, and iTunes.

Also, the below mentioned legal streaming websites might soon make Raees Full Movie available.

Watch Raees Full Movie Online Free

For those who want to watch Raees Full movie online free will have to wait for more time. This is because of Red Chillies Entertainment and Excel Entertainment the production house of this movie haven’t authorized any websites or online platforms. If you find any platforms that are allowing you to watch Raees Full movie online for free, then be aware, that platform is supporting piracy.

Some of the legal streaming platforms that can make Raees Full movie online for free are:

Raees Movie Review

Acting Review

Shah Rukh Khan, has kohl eyes look and that perfectly suits the kind of role he is portraying in the movie. The scenes where he displays anger and extreme emotions worked well for him. Mahira Khan does not have to play any major role and she has failed to impress in the scenes depicting emotions. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is the key in the movie with excellent performance.


The album of the movie has received more than 800 million views on Youtube. The is an item song by sunny Leone ravishes in her song ‘Laila’, the songs are good and goes with the flow of the movie

Direction Review

Raees movie starts off in a good way and gradually builds up the pace. The director has put efforts to make the audience glued which also shifts focus from drama to romance in a manner that the movie maintains entertainment. The movies go down in the second half

Final Words

the first part of the movies is entertaining compared to the second part. The movie is complete with action, drama as well as romance. It is definitely a one-time watchable movie. The climax seems to be a little draggy. It has received a critic rating of 3.5/5.


  1. SRK had done a good job in the movie and sure Super duper hit film. Mahira was looked so so pretty

  2. One of the best gangster movie. Of Bollywood Shahrukh khan has never looked better before like this.

  3. I think this was the best movie of Shahrukh khan. brilliant acting ,awesome story, and we’ll directed.at the end great movie to watch for.

  4. I like SRK style in this movie.
    What a dialogue . Every scene is amazing. Love Raees full movie so much

  5. I really appreciate the action and the acting of Shahrukh sir . He play great job. I like this film.

  6. Wow this is kind of movie that gives you goosebumps. and song was awesome. Where to download it?

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