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Mubarakan Full Movie Download

Directed by Anees Bazmee and Produced by Sony Pictures Networks Productions, Murad Khetani, and  Ashwin Varde Mubarakan is a Comedy and romantic Bollywood movie released on 28th July 2017. Anil Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Ileana D’Cruz, and Athiya Shetty took up the lead roles, whereas  Neha Sharma, Rahul Dev, Karan Kundra, Gurpal Singh, and Ratna Pathak have performed in the supporting roles. Screenplay and Music are done by Balwinder Singh Janjua and Amar Mohile respectively.  Below in this article, you can find the details about Mubarakan Full Movie Download and where to Watch Mubarakan Full Movie Online.

Mubarakan Full Story


Kartar Singh is a Sikh who has two brothers and a sister. One of his brothers and wife got killed in a car accident but their twins have a magical escape. Kartar Singh is settled in London. The twins were sent to Kartar Singh who was a bachelor. So he decides to give one son Karan to his elder sister Jeeto and another son Charan to his other brother Baldev Singh. Karan is brought up in London as Jeeto and her husband is settled there with their daughter. While Baldev Singh runs a hotel in Chandigarh and lives with his wife and daughter. Years pass and both twins grow up.

As Karan is raised in London, he is very outgoing and exuberant. On the other hand, Charan is shy and faint-hearted. Karan has a girlfriend sweety from 2 years who unintentionally laughed at Jeeto at a mall while she was actually laughing in the phone. From then on Jeeto has a dislike for her. Meanwhile, in Punjab, Charan also has a girlfriend Nafisa, a Muslim who is studying law.


Karan’s dad wants him to marry a girl named Binkle whose father has helped Karan in setting up his business. As Karan is in love with sweety, he convinces Baldev to make Charan marry Binkle. Charan’s dad Baldev wants him to marry to a respectful girl and he doesn’t know about Nafisa. So Charan flew to London with Baldev who was welcomed by Kartar Singh and at the same time, Jeeto decides to send Karan to Punjab to look after the restaurant in Baldev’s absence.

Sweety also goes to Punjab with Karan as her dad lives there. Charan tells about Nafisa to his uncle Kartar and that he doesn’t want to marry Binkle. Kartar advises Charan to act like a drug addict in front of the Sandhu family so that they would reject him. Next day when Charan went to see Binkle at her house, he acts like said until he met Binkle. As he met her, he instantly falls for her. Meanwhile, Kartar tells Binkle’s brother Manpreet about Charan’s drug addiction.


While Charan tries to tell Kartar about his instant feelings for Binkle, he falls off the window trying to catch the signal. Seeing this, Manpreet exposed the truth about Charan’s drug addiction to all for which Baldev refuses and started misbehaving. Jeeto and her husband didn’t like it and compelled Baldev to seek apology from Sandhus for misbehaving.

However, Baldev’s ego didn’t allow him to do it and as a result, he heard all the blaming from Jeeto and her husband and they also blamed him about his past. A furious Baldev stayed patient and he returned to Punjab immediately by challenging them that he would make Charan marry a girl better than Binkle on December 25th.

Meanwhile, Charan asks Karan to bring Nafisa at the airport so that he could talk about his feelings for her. When Charan and Baldev landed in Punjab, Karan does what he was told to but Charan didn’t speak to Nafisa on seeing her which made Baldev misunderstand Nafisa as Karan’s girlfriend.  Baldev overheard Sweety’s father talking about her marriage to take place in Gurudwara and he instantly takes that proposal. 

Sweety’s and Charan’s pre-engagement took place where she mistook Charan for Karan and then later realized. This puts Sweety and Karan in a dilemma and they started to plan to do something about this.


Meanwhile, Jeeto decides to take the proposal of Sandhu family decides to make Karan marry Binkle and fixes the marriage on 25th December. As Baldev and Jeeto are split, Kartar is trapped between the two so he tells Baldev to arrange a destination wedding in London. All came to London but Karan to sort out things, calls Nafisa to London.

Karan, Charan, Sweety, and Nafisa decides to run with their love. But the plan didn’t work out as Manpreet started falling for Nafisa and persuaded her to live at his residence. Nafisa also had fallen for Manpreet and after confessing her love with Manpreet, she left. Charan’s and Sweety’s engagement took place and Karan’s and Binkle’s engagement also took place. Both patty’s marriage is fixed on the same date.


Charan managed to confess his love to Binkle and tells that he is not a drug addict and everything happened was out of agony. Karan, Charan, Sweety, and Binkle again approached Kartar for his help but this time he refused them to elope and asked them to marry the person decided by their parents. Karan and Charan out of helplessness decided to exchange their sherwanis and disguise as each other. But unexpectedly, Sweety opened her mind and revealed her love for Karan in front of everyone.

Immediately the twins arranged a secret meeting with Kartar and told him about their exchanged identities. Not to cause more trouble, Kartar tells them to change and warned them not to tell this to anyone. Everything got sorted out at last and they married whom they love.

Movie Details:

Release DateJuly 28, 2017
IMDB Rating5.6/10
Language(s)Hindi, Punjabi, and English
Movie Length156 minutes
BudgetRs 65 Crore
Box Office CollectionsRs 93.59 Crore

Mubarakan Full Movie Download HD

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Mubarakan Full Review


The movie was very well directed in point of view of an entertaining movie. The plus point about the direction is Aneez managed to pull out amazing humor in various stages and engaged the viewers in it.


Most parts of the movie were shot in Weybridge in England. Director was particular about choosing a typical English neighborhood for the shoot as it imparted a homely feeling. The location was perfect and cinematographer tried to capture the best of village-town in England.


The whole movie was colorful by the wedding scenes and Indian culture. But it was the music which added flavor and revalued the worth. The songs were so engrossing in typical Bollywood style with dance.


It was evident that Anil Kapoor was the soul of the movie. He made complete justice to his character by pulling out the British accent at times. Arjun Kapoor also played an excellent role by playing two completely opposite characters. All other characters were of typical Bollywood style fair and posh.


The movie is for those who want a comedy family entertainer. It is great when it comes to music, and visual aspect. However, it follows the typical Bollywood style of love, marriage, and family with some dramas and solutions for those dramas which may seem unrealistic at times. Therefore for stress busting and occasional reliefs, you can watch this movie and laugh a little.


  1. It was a very good comedy and thriller movie. According to me everyone did a great job in the movie.

  2. I saw the movie Mubarakan is really awesome i am feeling bad why i had not watched this movie in pvr.

  3. What a acting done by each and every one..arjun, Anil, dikruz,shetty, ratna,pathak, Sharma. incredible. I am too much impressed with this movie.

  4. Mubarakan is an epic movie !
    Don’t miss watching this movie.
    watch this lovely movie again and again…

  5. Really a worth watching movie
    All cast played their role nicely but anil Kapoor has outdone all of them

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