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Aksar 2 is a 2017 Thriller Bollywood movie. Aksar 2 is directed by Ananth Narayan Mahadevan. The movie is produced by Bahumik Gondaliya under Siddhi Vinayak Creation. Gautam Rode, Abhinav Shukla, Zareen Khan, and Mohit Madaanhave played the Lead Roles in this movie. S. Sreesanth and Lillete Dubey have acted in the supporting roles. The screenplay is done by Sanjeev Puri, while the Music is directed by Mithoon. Below in this article, you can find the details about Aksar 2 Full Movie Download and where to Watch Aksar 2 Online.

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Aksar 2 Story

The Middle-Aged Governess

Mrs. Khambatta (Lillete Dubey) lives a segregated, if not isolated, life in her overlaid penthouse. Watching out for her funds even as she’s taken care of by her circle of stock characters. Also, a vile, dead-locked at steward (Mohit Madaan), moderately aged ‘tutor’, and a home legal advisor so slick that he appears to have recently moved out of a tank. In fact, the last due to either the heretofore unforeseen acting ability of Sreesanth or powerlessness to dissimulate his regular identity.

The moderately aged tutor is kept running over in the principal scene. Diving Mrs. Khambatta to educate Pat to discover a substitution. Pat, dependably the ideal bullhead, procures the youthful dolled up Sheena (Zareen Khan). In fact, after first generalizing her, demanding she eats with him, and requesting favors, in far more obvious terms than these.

Sharp Old Lady In 2017

Yet, it turns out Sheena has ulterior thought processes to landing the position of a tutor. In fact, she’s associated in a plot with Ricky (Abhinav Shukla), the pair of them frantically infatuated, as appeared some unpleasant lovemaking tune arrangements. Incidentally, everybody is a part, willing or not, of a plot set around a wiped out old woman. What’s more, for every one of the prosaisms and tropes, the film still figures out how to connect generally, notwithstanding two major things.

Grossly Sexualised By Practically Every Character

The on-screen characters are to a great extent put resources into their jobs. Lillete Dubey is luminescent, as usual, while Gautam Rode is encapsulated of the goal-oriented corporate ‘brother’, and scurrilous for sure. On the other hand, Abhinav Shukla’s Ricky is a tangled character (or a hasty nitwit), yet Shukla makes it work. Also, does Mohan Madaan with the scrumptiously named servant and inhabitant insane person, Bachchan Singh. Furthermore, that acquires us to the elephants the room.

Zareen Khan is, to understated the obvious, awful. It isn’t so much that she’s by one way or another made of plastic heart. In fact, conceded that there’s very little fun in being terribly sexualized by for all intents and purposes each character in the film or being tossed around and bowed and bent like a toy. However, that is scarcely for 10 minutes out of two hours. The remainder of the film includes Sheena as a necessary gear-tooth in the intrigues of a continually evolving scheme.

Key to the film, the job required a great deal of venture from its on-screen character. Yet Khan doesn’t drop to such an extent as a penny into that wellspring. It’s presumably not a decent sign if the gathering of people of your suggestive spine-chiller.


Besides, there was no requirement for the sexual point to this film; and if the creators were extremely that quick to have one. In fact, they shouldn’t have gotten an overexcited 14-year old to arrange the three “provocative tunes”. Including one including questionable assent and truly called Aaj Zid.

Sheena is lifted off the ground like a trophy; given that her extents are more Matryoshka-like than a doll. It looks progressively like an instructional on quality preparing as opposed to an arousing visual.

Movie Details:

Release Date17 November 2017
IMDB Rating4.1/10
Movie Length2hrs 2min
Box Office Collection₹7.18 crore

Aksar 2 Full Movie Download HD

Aksar 2 is already released and according to the report it has been broadcasted on TV. Hence, it doesn’t make any sense to download or watch Aksar 2 from an illegal website. Movie-rater is always against illegal means of movie download. Hence, we are on a journey to educate people to stop piracy. Also, the law states that it is a criminal offense to download or watch movies from illegal websites

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Hence, we request you not to download Aksar 2 or Watch Aksar 2 from these websites.

Where To Watch Aksar 2 Full Movie Online?

Currently, Aksar 2 Full Movie download is not available on any legal streaming websites. In fact, it is said that Aksar 2 will soon be available on any of the legal streaming websites mentioned below. Hence, we request you to wait until Aksar 2 Full Movie download in available legally.

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Aksar 2 Review

Direction Review

Executive Ananth Narayan Mahadevan figures out how to control the movie’s account the correct way, loaded with interest in the main hall. However, the second half with it’s endless wanders aimlessly proposed to keep the watchers snared doesn’t figure out how to do as such. The peak is unsurprising and the account towards the end loosens with the consideration of a tune. Aksar 2 is a motion picture that starts well yet rapidly disintegrates to a point of no arrival.

Performance Review

The cast offers astonishing science with one another. The content is tight and you won’t feel exhausted for a second. The picturesque sea alongside the impeccably paced disclosures simply adds to the entire experience.

Music Review

It will be somewhat disillusioned for the general population who were expecting the music like the last movie. And bearing in mind that turns and turns keep you snared, an excessive number of turns is called a thing.


Anant Mahadevan is back with Aksar 2 which aimlessly has a much larger number of wanderers than the main movie image. The cast has changed and separated the equivalent from a few character names, there is nothing to help you remember the old movie image. Rather than utilizing a similar equation, they ran with something other than what’s expected this time and that appears to work for them. The Aksar subject, which moves with the end credits, is the main sign that this motion picture has a place with a similar establishment.


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