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Lovers Day Full Movie Download

Lovers Day a 2019 Indian Telugu-language romantic comedy film directed by Omar Lulu under the label of Ousepachan Movie House. The film features Priya Prakash VarrierRoshan Abdul Rahoof in the lead roles. Also, we see  Noorin Shereef, Siyadh Shajahan, and Michelle Ann Daniel in the supporting roles. The music is directed by Shaan Rehman. Below in this article, you can find more details about Lovers Day Full Movie Download and where to Watch Lovers Day Full Movie Online Free HD.

Lovers Day Movie Story

The First Day Of School.

The movie opens with a cultural fest accompanied by a pleasant song scored by Shaan Rahman. In fact, you will see some beautiful faces and candid moments. They were just there to lighten the mood before director Omar Lulu could re-burden our mind with the senselessness of the human race. The story revolves around the journey of high school kids from the time they first met during their first day of eleventh class until their graduation day in twelveth class. Roshan woos Priya with the help of Gadha and his other friends.

Love At First Sight!

We see a boy cat-calling a girl student, who is a fresher. We see a close-up shot of her eyes before we could see her full face. You know who she is. She is Priya Varrier who shot to fame with just a wink. Omar understands the popularity of Priya and plays to the gallery. The boy who cat-called her is Roshan. He wants to indulge in some unharmful ragging, but his bluff is called out by a very short fella, who happens to be his senior. The auditorium doubles up as a hunting ground for all singles looking for a partner. Just after the song, we see Priya’s winks at her school crush, Roshan. After all, she didn’t take long to make her feelings known.

Roshan has a crush on Priya, his classmate. Later, Roshan’s friends pull out all stops to help him. Will Roshan find his true love? It is their first day at school. She looks at him and blushes. His eyes light up and a big smile is plastered on his face. Love is clearly in the air. Both are already attracted to each other and they both know it. Roshan’s single-minded mission is to win her hand and his partners in the mission are his friends, including his best buddy, Gadha (Noorin Shereef). While boys including Roshan are desperately trying to ‘set’ – a colloquialism of the time — themselves with the girls they are attracted to, Gadha believes that life is much more than chasing somebody. As the movie progresses, it makes one think about the differences between attraction, infatuation, and love.

Roshan Fell For His Best Friend!

One evening Roshan and his friends get drunk and a friend of Roshan accidentally sends a porn video from Roshan’s phone to the school’s WhatsApp group. This causes a wedge between Roshan and Priya. Roshan and Gadha then pretend to be in love to make Priya jealous, but they end up having feelings for each other. Priya approaches Roshan and says that she is ready to forgive him and that they can start to be in a relationship again. But Roshan is unable to forget Gadha, which comes to be known by Priya. Heartbroken, she tells Roshan that Gadha alone is the perfect person for him and they end their relationship.

The Climax!

On graduation day, Roshan decides to propose to Gadha on top of the mountain. Just as Roshan is about to propose to Gadha, they are attacked by a bunch of goons who were antagonized by Roshan and Gadha earlier as part of an eve-teasing incident. Roshan starts dating Priya but ends up falling in love with Gadha his best friend. Just as he is about to propose Gadha, they get attacked by goons but are saved last minute by their friends. When Gadha was about to be raped and Roshan to be killed, their friends enter and save them. The movie ends with them riding away happily.

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Movie Details:

Release Date14 Feb 2019
Movie Length145 minutes
No of Songs7
IMDB Rating6.8/10
Budget80 Lakh
DirectorOmar Lulu
Lead ActorsPriya Prakash Varrier
Total Collection2.3 Cr

Lovers Day Full Movie Download HD

According to the reports, Lovers Day will be aired on TV channels soon, most probably in May 2019. I know it is too long to wait, Do not worry, by the end of March, Lovers Day will be available on legal movie streaming platforms like Prime Video or Netflix.

We will update you with all the links as soon as Lovers Day Streaming is available on any of these websites.  If you can not wait till the end of March 2019 to watch Lovers Day, then don’t waste your time in searching for illegal downloads, Go and Watch this movie in the nearest theatres.

Do not download Lovers Day from Illegal websites

Actually, Ousepachan Movie House has not authorized any of the below-mentioned websites for distributing Lovers Day Full Movie Download. As per the law, downloading and sharing of Lovers Day movie download from any of the below-mentioned websites is illegal. Nevertheless, we strongly request you not to Download and Watch Telugu Movie Lovers Day from these below-mentioned websites. Moreover, help us to fight against piracy. This activity will save thousands of family working in the Tollywood Film Industry in and around Hyderabad.

From Where Can we Watch Lovers Day Full Movie Online?

We sincerely do not support piracy and watching movies online or downloading it. However, the rules should be followed and doing piracy is against the law.

  • Priya Varrier’s Lovers Day Full Movie Download is not available on YouTube Movies, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, or Jiomovies.
  • Also, we have verified that Lovers Day Full Movie Download is not available on Erosnow or

Lovers Day MP3 Songs Download

Furthermore, Lovers Day Music composed by Shaan Rahman. The song “Manikya Malaraya Poovi” sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan, a revised modern version of a Mappila song.

  1. Freak Pilla
  2. Manikya ManiKanthi Puvve
  3. Pilla Nee Venakaley
  4. Arererey Pilla
  5. Forever Friend
  6. Anandaley Kannullona
  7. Maahiya Bheliyaa
  8. Velloddey Velloddey

Lovers Day Review

Acting Review

Priya and Roshan much-hyped movie Lovers Day has failed to live up to the expectations of Telugu audience and critics. The movie expectedly has all the commercial elements from songs to colorful visuals besides of course the biggest trump card of all, Priya Prakash Varrier. Unfortunately, the girl doesn’t get much screen space and the audience may not get enough material to judge whether she is just a one-wink phenomenon or whether she has acting potential. It is Noorin who stands out in the movie with her convincing performance essaying a character with some substance.

Artistes’ Performances!

Although this film got craze due to Priya’s wink act, she gets less footage. Priya Prakash has beauty, has expressive eyes but she proves nothing with this film in terms of acting. She is just okay. Roshan as a teenage lover is good. He has screen presence and his chemistry with Priya is neat. Noorin Shereef, the curly-haired girl who plays the role of Gaadha, walks away with appreciation. She is the best part of the movie.

Music Review

All the music and back ground score is composed by Shaan Rahman. One of the most popular The songs “Manikya Malaraya Poovi” is sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan, became a viral video at number 1 position garnering over one million views and 50,000 likes in 20 hours. In fact, the original version was written by P. M. A. Jabbar whereas, music was composed by Thalassery K. Refeeque in 1978.

Shaan Rahman’s music has already become quite popular and the songs are good on screen as well. Cinematography is neat and production values are good. Editing is lethargically passive.


“Lovers Day”, the coming-of-age tale, follows the beaten track. Despite better penultimate scenes, it tests the patience. Many segments are embarrassingly lifeless. It is a boring teenage drama.


  1. It’s super entertainer and comedy film . I love this movie sooo much.
    I suggest everyone to watch lover day full movie.

  2. The movie contains .
    More fun elements. commentery comedy , many songs and acting Everything is perfect.

  3. Awesome must must watch .
    Very new kind of feeling and movie is really really good. AWESOME. everyone for their roles exceptionally.

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