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Rachayitha Full Movie Download

Rachayitha is a 2018 Telugu drama thriller which is directed by Vidya Sagar Raju. The movie is produced by Kalyan Dhullipala In the lead roles are Vidya Sagar Raju and Sanchita Padukone. The supporting cast includes Ragini and Supriya. Vidya Sagar Raju has provided the Screenplay, while Shaan Rahman has provided the Music. The film shows Aditya Varma is punished by his teacher for giving a love letter to his daughter Padmavati in school. Afterward, he angrily leaves from the school and returns after 13 years. Below this article, you will find details about Rachayitha Full Movie Download and where to watch Rachayitha online.

Afterward, when Aditya Varma comes back to his shock he finds Padmavati is sad. And, he decides to give her a new life and takes her with her parent’s permission. In order to help Padmavati, he forgets her past and accepts her marriage proposal. Later, he writes a new story of their lives and dreams for a happy life. But, it seems that all his efforts wasted. Because Padmavati behaves in a strange and unpredictable manner. Eventually, what happens forms the crux of the Rachayitha story.

Movie Details:

Release Date16 Feb 2018
Movie Length2h:2m
IMDB Rating7.2
Budget1 Cr
Rachayitha Box Office Collection0.8 Cr

Rachayitha Full Movie Download HD

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Where To Watch Rachayitha Full Movie Online?

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