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Peranbu Full Movie Download

Peranbu is a difficult film to watch. We see father-daughter relation which is very different from the others. Bajirao Mastani is directed by Ram. The movie is produced by y P. L. Thenappan. Mammootty, Anjali, Sadhana and Anjali Ameer have played the Lead Roles in this movie. Livingston, Paval Navag, and Lizzie Antony have acted in the supporting roles. The screenplay is done by Ram, while the Music is directed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. It is divided into chapters that each speaks of the moods of Nature, the film itself is like watching still water – on the surface, things barely move. A masterpiece by Mammootty and the child actress. Both actors successfully managed to play a role in the right way and displayed a difficult phase in a couple’s life. Below in this article, you can find the details about Peranbu Full Movie Download and where to Watch Peranbu Online.

Peranbu Movie Story

This story revolves around a husband who lives with his 14-year-old daughter suffering from spastic. Amudhavan recalls all moments of his life with his daughter. Each Situation is given an adjective along with “nature”.

Amu Faces Difficulties As A Single Father.

Amudhavan is a single father. Unable to handle their Spastic child, Amudhavan’s wife writes a letter to him and elopes, asking Amudhavan to take care of their daughter as she grows old. The child is attached to her mother as Amudhavan has been working in Dubai from 10 years. For the first few days, Amudhavan faces difficulties in taking care of her because she doesn’t really speak a lot and screams when she sees her dad. Her way of reacting to her dad was by nodding her head and creating sounds.

Although his relatives and neighbors knew about her spastic condition, they keep them away. Amudhavan and Paapa (his kid) stay with his brother’s family and Amudhavan’s mother ,Amu was constantly being chased by his sister-in-law, relatives, and neighboring homeowner to vacant their present house because of his daughter’s condition. Amudhavan was stubborn and reacted sternly to them in a rough manner. He was worried,He began to approach Pappa but Pappa neglected him at first. Soon,both developed a bond.

Meeting With Vijayalakshmi.

For Amudhavan life was not easy because people kept forcing him to sell his house. One night when Pappa was sleeping, Amudhavan got awake feeling uneasy. He noticed some blood stains on the bed and concluded that His daughter had attended age. The next morning, he reached to a lady and asked her to help Papa to do all the necessary things.

At first Papa was scared and terrified but Amudhavan made her relax and briefed everything. The same day, another lady called Vijayalakshmi volunteered herself to do the house chores and take care of Pappa. It was spotted that Viji came to Amu’s house to chase Amu and Pappas out of their house. She succeeds in getting married to Amudhavan. One day Viji tries to push Pappa into a well but AMU stops her. He realizes that she came with a plan to kill Pappa. After this incident, Amudhavan leaves his house. He also finds that Viji was actually married to another man and had a son.

Pappa Faced Harassment In Spastic Home.

One day, Pappa was having nausea and Amudhavan brought her to a hospital, she was diagnosed with fungal infection and are asked to meet Dr Dhanapal. The doctor advice AMU to send Pappa to a spastic children’s home for her better development. Amu left pappa for 3 days with a heavy heart. Paapa too missed her dad and cried for him. Meanwhile, when Amudhavan was going back he met Meera and was briefed about her. Meera helped Amudhavan to find a house.

When Amudhavan went to meet Paapa a social worker lied to Amudhavan about Pappas field trip but AMU was signed by a smart spastic child who pointed towards the first floor where Papaa was beaten by the workers. AMU was broken by the sight and brought Pappa home with a heavy heart. He also asked Meera’s help to take care of Paapa. Amudhavan was worried that his daughter was influenced by the television shows and was attracted towards boys.


Amudhavan decided to commit suicide and his daughter to follows him. They two enter the sea in the night but eventually, their actions were stopped by Meera. Amudhavan then labels that nature is great love, revealing that Meera his new wife had now taught him that love is great. The story ends showing Paapa living happily with both her dad and stepmother.

Movie Details

Release Date 01 Feb 2019
Movie Length 147 minutes
No of Songs 4
Languages Tamil, Malayalam
IMDB Rating 9.8/10
Budget 7 Cr
Director Ram
Lead Actors Mammootty
Total Collection 4 Cr

Peranbu Full Movie Download HD

Peranbu Full Movie will be available soon on TV channels around June or July 2019. We saw that many people are searching for a Peranbu Full Movie Download. And, we suggest you download movies from legal websites and do not support piracy.

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Watch Peranbu Full Movie Online Free

There are several online legal websites from where you can watch Peranbu Full Movie for free. But, it takes around 1 to 2 years to make it free online. If you come across YouTube channels that are providing Peranbu Full movie for free, which means they are illegal and might get banned soon.

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Peranbu mp3 Songs Download

Peranbu Review

Performance Review

Mammootty cast as Amudhavan in the movie puts across the sheer helplessness of Amudhavan. Sadhana strikes a fine balance between being showy and subtle. Anjali makes us empathize with her character, Anjali Ameer makes Meera a noteworthy one.

Direction Review

The movie is both black comedy and dark humor. Yuvan’s score hits the right emotional notes while Theni Eswar and Mereku Thodarchi Malai come up with visuals that wonderfully complement the narrative.

Music Review

The soundtrack album and film score are composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. It received a positive response for every song and the songs had a hit.


The film opened to positive responses from critics. A devastatingly beautiful coming-of-age drama that is both poignant and equally depressing” and appreciated Mammootty’s role as one of his most matured performances. Rating the film as ‘Good’, film critic Veeyen affirmed that “..brilliantly performed, visually striking and deftly structured, ‘Peranbu’ is an avowal of a fortune that we live with every day, and a prompt to remain forever thankful for the miracle called life.”


  1. Great direction matched with equally great cinematography . fabulous dialogues .
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  2. One of the best movie in Tamil cinema to release this year. Please go and watch Peranbu full movie in theatre.

  3. Superb ! A performance worthy of some national award.the girl was fantastic and all other characters did it well.

  4. Peranbu full movie touches our heart ..feels like real life came front of me will be best movie ever in Indian film industry.

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