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Uriyadi 2 Full Movie Download

Uriyadi 2 is one of the most political action thriller films in recent times from the Tamil Film Industry. This movie is directed and produced by Vijay Kumar. Featuring in the lead roles in this movie are Vijay Kumar, Mime Gopi, Citizen Sivakumar, Chandru Kumar, and Henna Bella. Also, music in Uriyadi movie is produced by Masala Coffee (songs) and edited by Abhinav Sunder Nayak. Below In this article, you can find the details of Uriyadi 2 full movie download and the details of where to watch Uriyadi 2 Movie Online.

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Uriyadi 2 is 2019 Tamil Political Drama directed by Vijay Kumar. It is a sequel to the 2016 film Uriyadi. This movie talks about the necessity of Students entering into Politics. Vijay Kumar with Suriya has produced this movie under his production house 2D Studios. Uriyadi 2 has received positive reviews with 3.5 stars out of 5 by times of India.

Uriyadi 2 Movie Story

Four college students Lenin Vijay, Suresh, Akil, and Karthi are in their Final year of Engineering. The second character is Kumar is a politician who is eager to start caste-based politics. Whereas, the third interesting character in this movie is Ramanathan a part-time engineering Student. The Story revolves around these three sets of characters.

Kumar runs a roadside Dabba, where the four students frequently visit. The students get in trouble regularly with local residents in the village. Kumar has got to their rescue once, hence these students start to meet Kumar. One night Local residents attack one of the students, resulting in other students getting furious. As a result, these students get involved in the fight with locals, escalating tensions. Meanwhile, Ramanathan harrases Vijay’s girlfriend, Karthi sees this and beats up Ramanathan. In fact, Vijay, Suresh, Akil, and Karthi get drunk and get into a fight with caste fanatics.

Kumar sees the fight and along with his uncle plans to use the tense situation for his favor. Hence, Kumar decides to conduct a meeting with the member of his caste. In fact, the three characters meet at the same place and discover how they are interconnected to each other.

Uriyadi 2 Movie Review

Uriyadi 2 has received a very strong positive response with 97% liking on IMDB. Times of India gave 4 out of 5 stars, claiming it to be one of the best movies of the year. Vijay Kumar has received the award of best debutant actor. The film is also awarded as most watched film of a debutant director.

Movie Details:

Release Date 04 Apr 2019
IMDB Rating 9.3/10
Language(s) Tamil
Movie Length 1h:59m
Budget N/A
Box Office Collection 2 Cr

Uriyadi 2 Full Movie Download HD

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Where to Watch Uriyadi 2 Online?

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  1. Awesome movie screenplay direction everything is perfect ..hero and director Vijay Kumar done amazing work.

  2. It was very nice movie. Narrated nicely about politician.. he is having good future by looking at his direction and action ..all the best to Uriyadi 2 full movie team.

  3. You no need to see others review please go and watch Uriyadi 2 full movie and this was created only for our youngsters.

  4. Great movie . People should watch this kind of movies .get awareness about factory and worst politics.

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