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Pharganj - Full Movie Download

Paharganj is a 2019 Bollywood movie about searching for lost love. The movie is directed by Rakesh Ranjan Kumar and produced by Prakash Bhagat and Salil Sankaran. Whereas, the lead role played by Lorena Franco. The supporting cast includes Bijesh Jayarajan Rajeev Gaursingh, Karran Jeet, and Rajeev Gaursingh. Rakesh Ranjan Kumar has provided the Screenplay, while Ajay Singha has provided the Music. Below this article, you will find details about Paharganj Full Movie Download and where to Watch Paharganj Online.

Paharganj Movie Story

The story of the movie is based on Paharganj foreign tourist place which is the heart of Delhi the title itself says “Paharganj: The Little Amsterdam of India”. A woman Laura Costa who comes from Spain to India to find her lost lover Robert in Paharganj and she starts finding him which you will find in this movie.

Gautham Menon a basketball coach who is struggling from the nightmare of his brother’s death Joy. Whereas, Munna and his gang in Paharganj dealing drugs in the gang war the destiny of Munna and his gang going to be changed.

Jitendra Tomar son of the Home Minister Dharam Pal Tomar who gets murdered on his 25th birthday. Gyanesh Pratap, a responsible officer of Delhi handed the case to solve. Vinayak Srivastava a young officer with dark and tremendous knowledge responsible for this case.

Movie Details:

Release Date12 April 2019
Movie Length1h:48m
IMDB Rating8.5/10
Box Office collection6 Cr (still running)

News And Updates

  • 20 Apr 2019: In the second weekend Pharganj movie collects 2 cr. Overall the collect 6 cr in the budget which is good for a movie.
  • 15 Apr 2019: In the first weekend opening of Paharganj movie make 4 cr which is considered a good collection globally.

Paharganj Full Movie Download HD

Paharganj movie will be available in 3 to 4 months of its Theater release (12 April 2019). Where you can watch Paharganj on TV and also on online streaming channels. In fact, you can get this movie on Legal Streaming websites even before TV channels.

Before that, Paharganj will be played in theatres starting from 12 April 2019. Hence, we request you to Watch this movie in Theater to get HD video and audio experience. Not only that, but it is also illegal to download Paharganj from any illegal websites.

Where to Watch Paharganj Full Movie Online?

As of now, Paharganj is not available on any legal streaming websites. As mentioned earlier in this article, we can watch Paharganj online HD after 4 to 5 months of its release in Theater.

In fact, Paharganj Full movie download will be available on the legal streaming websites listed below.



  1. Wonderful script .very well picturised .good character very natural acting . everyone play their role in good manner

  2. Must watch for a good thriller entertainment .the cast was also good . I recommend watch Paharganj full movie complete comedy thriller
    Good movie and acting overall

  3. Beautiful movie,good screenplay,good entertainment, superb acting by all the actors.a very good casting Paharganj full movie is fantastic.

  4. Hi NITTS,

    We understand you, but we also encourage you to watch or download this movie from your nearby theater. Or you can wait for a couple of months to get Pahargang movie online streaming in HD. This is legal and safe to watch.

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