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Rangasthalam is a 2015 action and drama Telugu movie directed by Sukumar and produced by Y. Naveen, Y. Ravi Shankar and C. V. Mohan. Ram Charan and Samantha Akkineni have played the Lead Roles in this movie. Anasuya Bharadwaj, Aadhi Pinisetty, Jagapati Babu, and Prakash Raj have acted in the supporting roles. The screenplay is done by Sukumar, while the Music is directed by Devi Sri Prasad. Below in this article, you can find the details about Rangasthalam Full Movie Download and where to Watch Rangasthalam Online.

Rangasthalam Story

Small Village Called Rangasthalam

A man with a God complex (played by Jagpathi Babu), tended to just as president by individuals, manages a little town, Rangasthalam, during the 1980s Andhra Pradesh. The general population of the town are uneducated and totally under the thumb of the president and his companions. Gotten in the endless loop of neediness and a high rate of intrigue charged by cronies of the president, the locals are hanging tight to be freed.

This, as Sukumar’s film discloses to us soon enough, will be finished by two siblings Chitti Babu (Ram Charan) and Kumar Babu (Aadhi Pinisetty). Notwithstanding, before the mistreated oust the oppressor, we will be demonstrated how the absence of training leaves residents open to misuse, how president’s men exploit straightforward town people to impose high-loan fees and how any voice that is brought up in restriction is hushed without leniency. Up until now, Rangasthalam holds it to the equation and the old hat great versus detestable story.

Confrontation Between Good And Evil

Indeed, even in this figure of speech, Sukumar includes his own twists. The reprobate’s God complex makes him overwhelming, permitting Ram Charan’s legend to similarly develop in stature as well. The expectation of the last murder, that showdown among great and fiendishness additionally continues working all through Rangasthalam.

A few shots underline this further – the president’s entrance shot makes them be carried on a seat, with the sacred string noticeable unmistakably, Strongly as opposed to it, it’s like immersion in our nation of any God. Indeed, even the dead are relied upon to regard him and his living arrangement is treated as a sanctuary by the residents. The battle isn’t simple. The oppressor has a superstition, faithfulness, political power, and dread on his side. Residents have been managed by one man for a long time and that has brought about the visually impaired conviction that the president is above every other person.

Kumar Babu From Dubai

Kumar Babu, who has come back from Dubai, can’t stand what’s going on to his town and consequently faces the president and records selection for the up and coming decision. He has the help of his sibling Chitti, giving him the solidarity to do what others have not endeavored up until this point.

Be that as it may, contradicting some common norms, Chitti is stressed over his sibling, truth be told, sufficiently terrified to question everybody. For the most part, the lead saint, for this situation, Ram Charan, is the person who leads such battles. They are intrepid and conflict with any individual who remains in their manner. In Rangasthalam, be that as it may, we have Ram Charan stand affectionately intertwined with onscreen sibling Aadhi and yet frightful of his wellbeing. This condition adds an invigorating turn to the character of the legend.


Prakash Raj is the man who remains in the shadow all through the film. At first, he underpins Kumar Babu and helps the siblings with the selection. He is likewise the distinct advantage in the film, who abandons us staggered at last. Not on the grounds that we don’t have the foggiest idea where it is going, but since of the route every last bit of it is introduced. On the off chance that one is so disposed, you could draw correlations between the current political atmosphere and the ideas displayed in the film.

Samantha Akkineni as Rama Lakshmi is beguiling. It is a result of Rama Lakshmi that the battle starts, making her coincidental to the plot of a business motion picture. This is the main film in which Ram Charan and Samantha have cooperated, and their science keeps the primary portion of the film cheerful.

Rangasthalam Full Movie Download HD

There are many platforms that you can search for Rangasthalam Full Movie Download. But not all are legal. Hence, we request you to download Rangasthalam Full Movie from legal platforms.

Rangasthalam is currently not available on any legal streaming websites. As per the reports, Rangasthalam Full Movie will be available after March 2019. This movie will get legal streams after the Dubbed version is officially ready.

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We strongly request you not to download and watch Rangasthalam movie from these websites and help in the fight against piracy. This will save thousands of family working in the Rangasthalam Telugu Film Industry in and around Hyderabad.

From Where To Watch Rangasthalam Full Movie Online?

We sincerely do not support piracy and watching movies online or downloading it. The rules are meant to be followed and it is also against the law.

  • Ram Charan’s Rangasthalam Full movie is not available on YouTube
  • Rangasthalam Full movie is not available on Netflix
  • Rangasthalam Full movie is available on Amazon Prime Video. To Watch Rangasthalam From Location on Amazon Prime Video.
  • Ram Charan’s Rangasthalam Full movie is not available on Hotstar

Rangasthalam MP3 Songs Download

Rangasthalam Review

Direction Review

Rangamma Athamma, played by Anasuya Bharadwaj, is a critical supporting character whose condition with Chitti emerges. The movie truly has a place with executive Sukumar who figures out how to take up a well-established equation and make it work with his vision.

Performance Review

Smash Charan, Devi Sri Prasad, and other specialized divisions, in a specific order, become the film’s high-focuses. Samantha slips into the job effortlessly, and she is a pucca town young lady each piece. Her response when the saint slaps her is splendid. Jagapathi Babu is to a great extent OK, while Aadhi looks so credible. He conveys a developed act. Mahesh is generally amazing in passionate scenes. Anasuya possesses all the necessary qualities. Prakash Raj, Ajay Ghosh, Naresh, Rohini, and others are adequate.

Music Review

Devi Sri Prasad’s unprecedented tunes rev up the procedures, particularly in the primary half. His RR will be discussed for the splendid organization of instruments. Rathnavelu’s camera catches the town environment without a dash of pointless showiness. Ramakrishna and Monica complete a phenomenal activity with fine art.


Sibling slant is the story’s greatest quality. Smash Charan conveys a dekko as an unadulterated hearted resident to whom his sibling and sweetheart mean the world. Thrilling making esteems help matters. On the other side, prosaic scenes are not rare.

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  1. I would say that this is the actual TELUGU movie which doesn’t cause a boring situation at any place or time.

  2. All the participants in this film given their best and while watching and after watching movie, i went into a great feeling that I can’t explain in words.

  3. Best movie which I saw in my life. Ram Charan , Aadhi , Jagapathy babu ,Anasuya , Samantha , Prakash Raj all did an excellent job and role

  4. Movie is awesome.i never expected this type of amazing performance from charan. Sukumar directed very well

  5. Rangasthalam. I love this movie’s presentation it was realistic and emotionally attached.Ramcharan well played his role.

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