Tamil Movie News – “100” Movie Release Date Postpones Again As It Faces Major Financial Issues

100 Tamil Movie Postponed News

The Tamil movie 100 postpones it’s release yet again. The movie was initially planned for release on 3rd May but, was later postponed for 9th May. Finally, when we thought it’s confirmed, again a new release date is expected. The reason behind the initial delay was, many shareholders didn’t receive any payment from the makers. This ended up with filed lawsuits against the movie. So, later the movie was postponed & rescheduled for May 9 release which is today.

However, at the last minute, the movie has been postponed again. The director Sam Anton published a tweet, confirming that the movie won’t release today.

The reason behind this is basically another lawsuit which was filed later. As the Madras High Court gave the order to put a stop to the movie, it was postponed again. The words in the tweet sound is a little weird though. As the director says that he is moving on to his next film & his job is done, it’s not clear if the movie is still on a priority list or not.

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Sure, the movie may still get a release later on but, the question mark still remains. Even if the Tamil movie “100” gets a release then when will that happen? We think that it may not be possible anymore until all the financial issues are resolved & the chances of possible future lawsuits are eliminated. So, if you were waiting for this film and still want to watch it anyway, the wait might be longer than you’re expecting it to be.

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