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Toilet Ek Prem Katha Full Movie Download

Toilet Ek Prem Katha is a Bollywood comedy-drama film which is directed by Shree Narayan Singh. The movie is produced by Aruna Bhatia. In the lead roles are Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar. The supporting cast includes Anupam Kher, Sudhir Pandey, and Divyendu Sharma. Garima and Siddharth have provided the Screenplay, while Vickey Prasad has provided the Music. The film showcases Keshav and Jaya are from two villages near Mathura. where at least 80% of houses have no access to toilets. Below this article, you will find details about Toilet Ek Prem Katha Full Movie Download and where to watch Toilet Ek Prem Katha Online.

Later, the next day after marriage conflict comes knocking when Jaya sees that Keshav’s home has no toilet and she leaves. Upset and desperate, Keshav embarks on a quest to win back his love. Then, he fights against the age-old traditions, mindset, and value system of his country. Did he win her back? That forms the crux of the story. The film features Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar in the lead roles.

Toilet Ek Prem Katha Story

Laxmi’s introduction to menstruation and sanitary pads

Lakshmikant Chauhan (Akshay Kumar) aka Laxmi and Gayatri (Radhika Apte) get married and Laxmi deeply loves his wife. In order to keep her happy and comforted, he was ready to do anything. During her menstrual periods, Gayatri was temporarily restrained from household work due to the traditions about which Laxmi was unaware.

When he saw Gayatri using a very unhygienic rag during the periods, he became worried and talked about it with Gayatri. But she did not want to talk about this feminine topic. Laxmi still buys the costly sanitary pads for her. Gayatri wanted him to return them as they couldn’t afford to cut out other expenses to cover this one.

Laxmi goes to work, a colleague gets injured and Laxmi applies a pad he had to his injury. It helped the bleeding and was the cleanest way to do so and thus, Laxmi received appreciation from the doctor. Excited, he then makes a temporary pad, using cotton, cloth and glue which were cheaper than the actual pads.

Laxmi’s protest to end the taboo and create a less costly pad for rural women

When Gayatri uses it and it fails to serve the purpose. Laxmi tries making another one using a medical student’s help, even after being restrained by his wife from doing so. This leads to Gayatri thinking that Laxmi was having an affair. When Laxmi offers pads to his sister, her in-laws take it offensively.

Laxmi tried using it himself but the experiment fails and he is humiliated when his trousers get blood all over it in public. Laxmi becomes a victim of the taboo of menstruation and is labelled as a man of loose morals. Gayatri’s brother takes her away from him. Laxmi wanted to end this taboo. He gets to know that the pad making process was different from what he thought. He takes help from a college professor’s son.

Professor’s son introduces Laxmi to the internet and shows him the videos of the actual process. He borrows money in order to invest in a pad making machine and manages to make a good pad but couldn’t test it as there was no one.

Pari’s support to help Laxmi receive the recognition he needed

One day, he meets Pari Walia (Sonam Kapoor). She is a modern and educated person accepted to try the pad. Upon hearing that the pad worked just like the normal one, Laxmi couldn’t control his joy and called Gayatri to tell her. But she was still upset with him because of his obsession and Gayatri’s brother asks Laxmi to stay away from her.

Pari invites Laxmi to an innovation fair in Delhi after seeing the potential and there Laxmi receives the ‘Life-changing innovation of the year’ award. People appreciate him but his own villagers still not accept it. Pari and Laxmi start working together in order to help rural women who were unable to purchase costly pads and by establishing factories, they provided both employment to the women and low rated pads.

Laxmi gets invited by UNICEF to New York for giving a speech and is also awarded the Padmashri in his own country. Pari confesses her love to Laxmi for him, and he gets conflicted in his mind. But Pari backs off and Laxmi returns to his village.


Laxmi returns to his village and reunites with Gayatri. He now receives appreciation in his own village and continued with creating a difference from there itself.

Movie Details:

Release Date11 Aug 2017
Movie Length122 minutes
IMDB Rating7.3
Budget18 Cr
Box Office Collection317 Cr

Toilet Ek Prem Katha Full Movie Download HD

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Where To Watch Toilet Ek Prem Katha Full Movie Online?

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