6 TV Stars That Made It Big On The Movie Scene In 2021

6 TV Stars

Mostly we consider movie stars as the proper celebrity. They get the money; they get the popularity, fame, name. However, when it comes to TV Stars, they are also shining as bright as the movie stars in the entertainment world. 6 TV Stars That Made It Big On The Movie Scene In 2021.

They might not be able to bag the Oscars, just like a movie star, but they are the kings and queens of their own space. The year 2021 was really a year for some of the TV stars. They get the chance to make it really big on the movie scenes.

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TV Stars That Made It Big On The Movie Scene In 2021

We have dedicated this article to all those television stars who have again proved that the world of television is not any less than the glamorous and mostly praised movie world.

Here, in this article, we are going to tell you about some stories of these record makers who have made it really huge in the movie apart from busting the television as well.

Lindsay Lohan

This multi-talented lady is not only an American actress but also a songwriter, singer, producer, and also entrepreneur. She is famous for her work in Sick Note. She also made it big in the 2012 drama Liz & Dick.

She became the news when Netflix announced that she was going to be a part of their upcoming project Christmas in Wonderland, which has started filming in 2021 November.

Sarah Drew 

After Lindsay Lohan, we must take the name of Sarah Drew. We simply loved her in Grey’s Anatomy. It is her first work that has made an impact on the hearts of her audiences. After that, she again stole the hearts of their fans with Cruel Summer.

She made her fans really happy when the news of her upcoming The Lifetime Christmas Movie family. She is all set to rock it again.

Jesse McCartney 

Jesse McCartney is a really famous and popular name in the television world. He made a footprint with his role and contribution to the television world. Some of his really successful and popular works are Summerland and Young & Hungry. However, we get super-duper excited to get the news of his latest movie, where he is an important part.

Brian Baumgartner

You might not be expecting Brian Baumgartner on this list. He is more popular for his role in the popular television series The Office, which rated 8.9 out of 10 on the IMDb ratings. His television series entertained us from 2005 to 2013.

Again he made it to the front paper of the movie news when the world got to know that he was going to be a part of the big screen with the movie Rumble.

Jesse Metcalfe 

Well, who loves comedy series? We all do, and if you love comedies and that too with a pinch of mystery, you must be a fan of the Desperate Housewives. This television series just won our hearts from its first season. That is why we know who Jesse Metcalfe is.

Maybe that is the reason why we get to watch 8 amazing seasons. Jesse Metcalfe showed love to his fans the best way when he announced his movie Fortress.

Colin Mochrie 

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Yes, we are going to talk about the famous British show that was improvised on American television and witnessed huge success. However, it is not the only television show that gives us the opportunity to experience the best acting of Colin Mochrie.

He made it news when the entertainment world became aware of the fact that Colin Mochrie was going to be a part of the movie Drifting Snow.

Closing Thoughts

These are not the only names from the television industry who made it really big in the movie or big-screen part. There are a lot more like Michael Weatherly, Sandra Diaz Twine, Ryan Ochoa, and of course Ed Brown, a.k.a. “Big Ed.”