How You Can Benefit from CompTIA A+ Certification by Passing 220-1002 Exam?

How You Can Benefit from CompTIA A
How You Can Benefit from CompTIA A

Whereas your job may already earn you a good salary, having the opportunities to advance in your profession is important. Alongside the effort you put each day, you need accreditation by a proven institution for your career to grow steadily.

For example, a credential from a renowned association like CompTIA may serve well for this purpose as it tells other people that you have committed to the IT industry. One such badge that considered to be useful in climbing the professional ladder is CompTIA A+. It requires you to take two exams, 220-1001 and CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test Dumps 2, and today, we will talk about the second one as well as about the benefits you gain from obtaining the A+ accreditation.

220-1002 Exam Details

The PrepAway Practice Test Exam Questions Certification test is about installing and configuring operating systems, troubleshooting software, operational procedures, and expanded CompTIA security. You can take this exam if you have nine to twelve months of experience working in an IT laboratory or department. An alternative requirement is that you finish the CompTIA Fundamentals training.

Speaking of the assessment itself, it includes 90 questions that you need to complete in 90 minutes. To get a pass status, you have to achieve 700 points out of 900. The exam can be taken in English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Thai, and German, and the enrolment fee for 220-1002 is $226.

Find Out More on which is similar for each your attempt and the intense manner of the test, it’s necessary to prepare with all the dedication. You should explore the preparation options offered by CompTIA and then supplement your training with practice tests and virtual labs to gain more hands-on skills.

Benefits of Earning A+ Badge

With the A+ certification awarded, you’ll be able to safely apply for the roles of a systems support specialist, a help desk technician, or a field service technician, to name a few. Below, let’s look at the benefits you can gain after getting accredited.

  • Connect to a network of professionals

As long as you are a holder of the To Find More Click here on This Website URL Link, you may join the CompTIA community of IT specialists named AITP. You can seek professional advice and learn from recognized experts.

  • Gain more professional respect

The A+ certification shows that you have gone the extra mile to prove the enthusiasm you have for your profession. To other people, it communicates the passion you have in what you do. Such credibility earns you respect and acceptance from experienced professionals in the industry.

  • Get the flexibility to move across positions in the IT industry

The beauty of the A+ credential is that it gives you great versatility regarding the roles you can fit. You’ll have opportunities to explore different areas so as to wisely choose the one that suits you most and further develop in it.

  • Become more motivated

Apart from the accolades, you may earn due to your achievements in the workplace, you owe it to yourself to have a professional credential to prove such praise. Learn More on This URL Link Here can serve as a visual validation of your competence which will motivate you for the next career advancements.


CompTIA A+ is a certification that could change your career trajectory and the impact you may have on people around you. According to a survey carried out by, it could earn you about $61k yearly, which is a good start. All you need to obtain all this is to enroll in its 220-1001 and SY0-601 and achieve a passing score in them.