Do Reels Still Exist?​

Do Reels Still Exist

Before color television and cameras existed, the view master viewer was the source of entertainment. This piece of historic art turned out to be the best thing that turned out in the 1900s. Made from the Kodak Tenite plastic, the device came in different models. The device that resembles a binocular became popular among adults and children and was an epitome of fun and education at the same time.

Technology has taken over the fundamental aspects of lives, and photography has gained hugely from this in today’s century. In the compensation and keeping of the past inventions and memories alive, creative minds put together concepts and reincarnated what will reflect and preserve the earlier generations’ ideas. Through innovations such as the View-Master is in active use today, the idea behind capturing and viewing of 2d and 3D images still lives until today with a few advancements.

The truth is that the digital era adopted and refined what was already in existence to form even better equipment. Before Cardboards and Oculus Rift came into the market, children who grew up in the analog era only knew Sawyer’s view master.

Today’s Reelagram

In recent years, Instagram got launched, and it brought about the excitement that everyone needed. However, the famous social media account never gave its users a nostalgic effect like that of the view master reels. The introduction of Reelagram took the invention of the view master to a whole new level since it combined both old school and Instagram to make things lively. This idea has seen the lovers of view master viewer still enjoy the modern era’s analog feeling. Occasionally, invitees who join Reelagram get awarded a whole bunch of view masters.

Brief Reelagram History

This platform came about when a well-known designer from Chicago, Darren Marshall, figured out the most effective way of showcasing his portfolio. He looked for a photographer called Rich Dubnow, who had previous interactions with the view master in the earlier days. At this time, Dubnow had started his own company called Image3D, and Marshall saw this as an opportunity and created his version of view master reels. Reelagram was born when Marshall came to know about Instagram. The sole purpose of Reelagram in this era where apps are taking control was to ensure that the fun and nostalgic feeling does not fade away.

How Reelagram Works

Every Instagram user can engage the Reelagram to make a reel of the best seven photos posted on their Instagram account at a fee of approximately $20. Apart from the reel, one can also purchase the viewer of his/her choice at $30.

Christmas is fast approaching, and being that it is a gifting day, Reelagram is the best place to be for those having shutter-bugs in their lives. With a mix of both the old and the new schools, this is a perfect place to create unique pictures. Sometimes people have reeled from the past and cannot get the ideal view since they lack a viewer; Reelagram comes in handy to give exclusive and customized reels and viewers.