8 Study Hacks to Prepare for Microsoft 98-349 Test and the Role of Exam Dumps in This Process

Study Hacks to Prepare for Microsoft 98-349 Test
Study Hacks to Prepare for Microsoft 98-349 Test

The Operating System is one of the critical parts of a computer and Microsoft is the largest developer of computer operating systems in the world at a 77% global market share. Moreover, it is a leading vendor for IT exams and certifications. One of the exams which specialists new to the IT industry can take under the Microsoft certification program is Microsoft Certification Exam. It is an entry-level test that leads to the MTA Windows Operating System Fundamentals credential. Here, you can get the information about study hacks to prepare for Microsoft 98-349 test.

What Is Microsoft Technology Associate Certification?

The MTA is an entry-level certification for professionals starting a career in IT. This badge is focused on your understanding of basic concepts in the tech industry. Equally, it gives the candidate technical credibility in his or her area of expertise. To get the MTA certification, there is no specified requirement. All you need to do is to pass one of a dozen tests available, one of which is also 98-349, the focus of this post.

Microsoft 98-349: Essential Facts

As stated before, ExamSnap 98-349 focuses on Windows OS fundamentals. Therefore, a candidate for this exam needs to possess an understanding of key concepts surrounding the Windows 10 environment. This assessment screens your:

  • Competency in maintaining operating systems;
  • Ability to control devices;
  • Knowledge of configuring operating systems;
  • Proficiency in monitoring applications;
  • Capability to install and upgrade client systems.

As you prepare to sit for this Microsoft assessment, you should keep at your fingertips the following possible nature of the real exam. It’s important to note this test will include 40-60 tasks of various types that a candidate must finish in 45 minutes. 

8 Study Hacks to Use while Preparing for Microsoft 98-349 Exam

The way you prepare for an exam is important. Your study habits can make you either pass or fail your forthcoming test. The following study hacks for the Microsoft 98-349 assessment can make your preparation both enjoyable, quick, and effective:

1. Create a conducive study spot

The environment for exam 98-349 preparation needs to be conducive. You need to have good lighting in the room as well as a calm environment so that your concentration cannot be taken away by the pop music that might be playing. Besides, you should also choose the right furniture because it’s difficult to study on a couch or bed and expect to concentrate for long, which will result in a situation when you will automatically fall asleep.

2. Keep all study materials close

Avoid instant breaks to pick a study item. Therefore, have a checklist of every study material you need. Collect those materials on time and have them in your study room. Moreover, keep everything you do not need away from your study area. These are things like a gaming console that could tempt you to play a little.

3. Have a study program

Setting aside some time is not enough. Have a program that allows you to make the best of your study time. If you have a chapter to read, split the chapter to sections, and distribute time to cover each part.

4. Take a break

Do not make the break too long or too short. Use this time to do something that builds up the momentum to study further. You can take a healthy snack, do some stretching, and hydrate a little. A break allows you to ease up and return to study fresh.

5. Adopt the preparation material

You need the right equipment to attain the right outcome. There are multiple options you may use to study. One of those materials includes exam dumps on trusted sites like ExamSnap.com. Exam dumps are a compilation of previous test questions and answers that are uploaded by users who have already taken the real assessment. Thus, ExamSnap.com offers free braindumps that are attached to their 98-349 page. In addition, you can purchase the 98-349 Premium Bundle ($39.97) that is comprised of an exam dump that was meticulously checked by IT experts, a concise study guide, and a video tutorial. The VCE Player will help you open these dumps and simulate the setting of the actual test.

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6. Avoid panic and stress

To make the best of your study, you need to avoid any mental interruptions. Do some meditation before studying to calm your mind. This approach allows you to focus only on your preparation. You can also use meditation to deliberate on what you studied in the end.

7. Create a study purpose

You need to have a reason that motivates you to study for your exam. You may want to gain knowledge. Another reason could be to pass the test on the first try. Have something in your mind that makes you committed to your entire preparation. 

8. Scan through studied material

The best way to do this is to take a few minutes of break. Come back and go through the material. This method allows you to affirm what you have gained as you study. It also helps you to keep in mind what you need to redo.

Using these study tips, you’ll manage to hone your skills and ace your 98-349 assessment. 


The benefits of attaining the MTA Windows Operating System Fundamentals through succeeding in the Microsoft 98-349 exam limitless. The only thing you have to do is to be knowledgeable about the key topics which are evaluated in the main test. Thereafter, you can get the trustworthy exam dumps from ExamSnap.com and pass the actual assessment with flying colors.