Track People Using Google Maps By Following These Simple Steps

Shielding and safeguarding family members are the uppermost priority of any person. Several rough news appears every day that somewhere generates panic and anxiousness for your loved one’s security. If you could track your beloved’s real-time location, you can save them from numerous mishappenings. Besides, everyone got their own particular reasons to trace someone. Here, you can find the details about track people using Google maps.

Track People Using Google Maps
Track People Using Google Maps

With the introduction of google maps, it became considerably straightforward for normal people with smartphones to track anyone’s location. Just a few tappings on the phone with fingers and you are all set to keep an eye on the concerned person’s location at any time. This detailed piece of text will assist you in tracking anyone using google map on your cell phone. You can even take help from chad kimball google maps, there you can avail yourself detailed insights on almost everything.

Essentials Required:

  • You and the person whom you’re gonna track should be having a google account. (in case you want to share the link through social media apps like Whatsapp, telegram, messenger, etc.)
  • An updated version of google map installed.
  • Turn on the GPS and Internet data on both devices.

How to track someone on google map:

Here are some of the handy actions you can perform and track anyone on google maps within no time.

  1. Grab the cell of the person whose location you want to track and open Google Maps in it.
  2. Tap on the three horizontal lines residing at the top left corner.
  3. Momentarily, you will notice a menu with a diverse option. Tap on location sharing.
  4. Tap on getting Started written in a blue rectangular box.
  5. You will be exposed to a new screen where you can see the timings. Expand or reduce the timing by tapping on the minus and plus options. With this, you can ensure for how long you want to track the person. If there’s no time barrier, choose until you turn off the option.
  6. Now select your contact shown in the horizontal list. A  message may emerge if you don’t own a google account.
  7. Solely tap on Ok and then send and eventually send the link to yourself.
  8. Now click the link which you obtained from the targeted person’s phone in your device to trace the location.

And Boom! You are all set. You can click that link anytime and you will be redirected to google map to view the person’s location. To reach that person you can just click on directions written at the bottom.

Another Way Of Tracking:

There’s a further way for doing the same which is again very smooth and needs WhatsApp installed on both devices. ( device of the target person and your device)

  • Open WhatsApp on the targeted person’s phone and then open your chat.
  • Click on the attach icon and then tap on location.
  • Select share live location by tapping on it.
  • Now select the timings and tap on send icon
  • Grab your phone and open Whatsapp.
  • Open the chat of the person whose location is just shared with you and click on view location.
  •  The targeted person’s profile picture will be visible. Tap on it and click Get direction.
  • Select google map from the choices shown on the screen.

And done. The location of the targeted person will be visible on your screen.

What’s your succeeding move?

In case you are done with tracking the person, it’s your obligation to suspend the tracking.

  • For that, proceed to Google Maps using the targeted person’s phone.
  • Click on three horizontal lines on the left top and then location sharing.
  • You will see yourself right there on the list.
  • Merely click on the cross sign. You can no longer hunt the person’s spot on your device.

Tracking someone without their permission is not a good decision, but sometimes unusual circumstances necessitate you to keep an eye on the person’s route. Moreover, you can trace to ensure your loved one’s safety. In each of the cases, the above steps can support you to reach the goal within a few seconds.