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Talking about Malayalam Movies in 2018, Odiyan is one of the moves that come into everyone’s mind. Odiyan features Mohanlal in the lead role is a thriller movie from the Manickyan time. This movie got some hype in Malayalam speaking states and is obvious that people started searching for Odiyan Full Movie Download.

If you are one of the users who is looking for Odiyan movie download, then we are here to guide you the legal way for Odiyan Full Movie Download.

Odiyan Posters

Before we talk about Odiyan Full Movie download, let’s talk about the movie story. Odiyan is a story from a small place in Kerala from Mancikyan time. The village is thrilled with suspicious activity and how Mohanlal helps them get rid of it. We also see Prakash Raj in the movie and he is the one behind all this activity. The whole movie talks about how Mohanlal helps the village from the supernatural, suspicious activity.

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Odiyan Full Movie Download

We do not support piracy as watching or sharing a link to download movies is against the law. It is always better to watch movies in Theater to get true experience about the movie.

We always encourage you to go through a legal way to download movies. Odiyan full movie will soon be available on TV, but if you want early access to the movie, then you get the movie on Youtube Movies or Android Movie. Apart from this, you can also check legal streaming websites like Hungama that streams movies for free. Do not choose the wrong way for Odiyan full movie download

According to the sources, Odiya movie is expected to get released by mid-2019. This release will be in Hindi Dubbed version. Hence it is better to wait for the movie instead of searching for Odiyan Full Movie download.

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Odiyan Trailer:

Here is Odiyan’s Office trailer, where we see Mohanlal in the lead role. The trailer clearly talks about the village where people are getting kidnapped & Mohanlal knows the solution. The trailer clearly highlights Odiyan Movie as an adventurous and thriller movie.

Odiyan Story

Odiyan is a story from Manickyan time taking place in a small village at Kerala. Due to this suspicious activity, everyone in the village starts doubting Mohanlal. We also see Prakash Raj in the movie, who is playing a political role. Later in the movie, we will see how Mohanlal identifies the cause behind this.

Prakash Raj who is a politician is behind the village and to creates fake stories to evaluate the village. As Mohanlal find this out he plans to stay in the village and find the cause behind this.

Odiyan Video Songs

Maanam Thudukkanu – Odiyan Songs

Maanam Thudukkanu is a soft romantic song in Odiyan sung by Shreya Ghoshal. Whereaslyrics by Rafeeq Ahamed and music by M Jayachandran.

Enoruvan – Odiyan Song

One of the most popular songs in the movie is Enoruvan and one reason behind this is Mohanlal’s voice. Enouruvan is written by Prabha Varma, and composed by M Jayachandran P. The best part of the song is how Mohanalal explains childhood.

Odiyan Screen Count

The movie has already made a record by being the first Malayalam movie to release in over 3000 Screen worldwide. According to the sources, Odiyan has already crossed 100 Cr pre-booking amount worldwide.

The Screen Count clearly indicates that Odiyan will make a good Box Office collection. According to the rumors, the movie will create history in Malayalam movie Box Office collection history.

Odiyan Review

Odiyan is expected to be a good movie & being at the end of the year, there is a huge possibility of it to be the best movie in Kerala. The craze for the movie is high and it is proven by the 100 Cr Pre-release business.

Odiyan has a unique story about a village in Kerala, where people starts disappearing. Mohanlal is the only survival of the Odian clan and people starts blaming him to be the cause. Apart from this, we also have Prakash Raj who will be playing a negative role.

Looking at the plots and story of the movie, Odiyan seems to be one of its kind movie in the Malayalam Movie industry. The story on how an Odiyan member helps the village from the suspicious activity. The best part about this movie is how Mohanlal’s secret is kept which brings more suspense to the story.

Whereas the action is your concern then Odiyan is the movie you should watch. The movie is full of action and thrill of how Mohanlal save the villagers.

Odiyan Box Office Collection

Odiyan movie hasn’t got a great response from the audience and this might affect its Total Box Office collections. The movie has got some amazing action scenes and unique story but lacks in direction. With over 3000 it is expected to do in the first day and rest of the days are unexpected. Here you will find Day wise Box Office Collection for Odiyan.

KeralaAP &TSKarnatakaTamil NaduWorldwide
1st Day7.22 Cr80 Lakhs90 lakhs1.80 Cr25 Cr
2nd Day8.50 Cr90 Lakhs85 lakhs1.50 Cr14 Cr
3rd Day7.30 Cr40 Lakhs45 lakhs1.65 Cr22 Cr
4th Day3.0 Cr35 Lakhs20 lakhs0.90 Cr13 Cr
5th Day2.3 Cr24 Lakhs16 lakhs0.52 Cr8.45 Cr
6th Day1.41 Cr16 Lakhs9.2 lakhs0.33 Cr6.78 Cr
7th Day0.76 Cr4 Lakhs3 lakhs15 lakhs3.2 Cr
8th Day0.30 Cr2 Lakhs1 lakhs8 lakhs1.8 Cr
9th Day0.28 Cr1 Lakhs1 lakhs6 lakhs1.2 Cr
10th Day0.23 Cr1 Lakhs1 lakhs4 lakhs0.90 Cr
11th Day0.18 Cr1 Lakhs1 lakhs3 lakhs0.75 Cr
12th Day0.13 Cr1 Lakhs1 lakhs1 lakhs0.36 Cr
13th Day0.08 Cr1 Lakhs1 Lakhs1 Lakhs0.20 Cr
14th Day0.06 Cr1 Lakhs1 Lakhs1 Lakhs0.15 Cr
15th Day0.05 Cr1 Lakhs1 Lakhs1 Lakhs0.10 Cr
16th Day0.06 Cr1 Lakhs1 Lakhs1 Lakhs0.13 Cr
17th Day0.04 Cr1 Lakhs1 Lakhs1 Lakhs0.08 Cr
Total Collection31.60 Cr3 Cr2.78 Cr7.12 Cr98.1 Cr

Odiyan Box Office Collection Prediction

Overall the movie is going to make a good gross on its first day. With 100 Cr pre-release business, it becomes clear that the movie will easily make a good amount. Apart from this, the movie is also releasing worldwide, which indicates a huge first-day success.

But, if you consider the history we have always seen some ups and down. Hence, we are here with Odiyan Box Office collection prediction.

If the movie Gets Positive Reviews

If Odiyan gets a good review from users the movie will definitely cross an amount of 70 Cr to 80 Cr on its first day. The overall collection is expected to be around 300- 400 Cr worldwide.

1st-day box office prediction70 Cr
2nd-day box office prediction50 Cr
3rd-day box office prediction40 Cr
Opening weekend box office prediction200 Cr
Worldwide box office prediction250 Cr
Total box office300 Cr – 400 Cr

If the Word of Mouth is not good

There is also a possibility of getting negative reviews for Odiya. In that case, we are expecting the movie to make around 40 Cr on the first day and not more than 180 Cr to 200 Cr on total collection.

1st-day box office Collection prediction40 Cr
2nd-day box office Collection  prediction20 Cr
3rd-day box office Collection prediction10 Cr
Opening weekend box office Collection prediction80 Cr
Worldwide box office Collection prediction110  Cr
Total box office Collection Prediction200 Cr

Odiyan Release Date & Screen Count

Odiyan is getting a release on 14th December and has become the first Kerala movie to get over 3000 Screen count. This movie is expected to be the best Mollywood movie for 2018.

Odiyan Cast & Screw

Directed byV. A. Shrikumar Menon
Produced byAntony Perumbavoor
Prakash Raj
Manju Warrier
Music byM. Jayachandran
Sam C. S.
CinematographyShaji Kumar
Edited byJohnkutty
Production companyAashirvad Cinemas
Release date14-December-2018

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