Raj Tarun’s Latest Comedy Film Orey Bujjiga Full Movie Download

Orey Bujjiga Full Movie Download

Raj Tarun’s recent hit Orey Bujjiga is a romantic comedy film. The movie directed by V.ijay Kumar Konda while Produced by KK Radha Mohan. The film starring Raj Tarun, Hebha Patel, and Malavika Nair are in the lead roles.  Posani Krishna Murali, Vani Viswanath, Saptagiri, Annapoorna, Naresh, and Raja Ravendra are played by the supporting cast. Anup Rubens has given beautiful music for this movie. Orey Bujjiga movie was directly released on Aha app on October 1st, 2020. In the pandemic time, Orey Bujjiga film is streaming on Aha app. Orey Bujjiga is full of an entertaining movie. The viewers can enjoy the whole movie running time. Here get the details of Orey Bujjiga Full Movie Download.

Orey Bujjiga Full Movie Download

Orey Bujjiga Movie trailer gets a good response from the viewers. The trailer has got 1.4 plus million views on youtube. you see in the trailer all are the young actors portraying their characters very well.

Movie Story

Orey Bujjiga movie story revolves around a disappointed Bujji (Raj Tarun) leaves the home all of a sudden because his father (Posani) wants to get him married to a random girl. Vani Viswanath’s little girl Krishnaveni (Malavika Nair) from a similar village is angry with her parents for wanting to get her married to her cousin. She also leaves the house without intimating anyone.

Because of a characteristic, the whole village begins accepting that the Bujji-Krishnaveni couple has really stolen away. Before long, the young lady is annoyed with Bujji for ruining her standing without her contribution.

However, similar Krishnaveni ends up finding Bujji in Hyderabad and they become friends. Since she doesn’t have a clue what Bujji looks like and Bujji is calling himself Sreenu, their friendship develops strongly. If you have to know the full story, you can watch this movie on aha app.

Movie Review

Orey Bujjiga is a very familiar story, directer Vijay Kumar Konda tries to give his best, there a new twist with confusion comedy in the film.

The positive aspect is the irreverent comedy lines which work out at times. It also helps the narrative flow smoothly without much of a drag, even though it is highly predictable. While it is a plus the more significant issue is the repetitiveness. It’s the same thing happening every alternative block.

The interval block offers a neat twist in that it makes one think how the director could proceed further using the same formula as before. However, the talent of the director lies in recreating the same ‘formula’ with a different sequence and not bothering about the story.

Music Review

Anup Rubens composed the lackluster. The background score is no better either. It is the same sounds to punctuate the comedy we have seen many times earlier. The songs and music chart burst day by day.

Female Cast Performance

Malvika has a decent role in the film. It is so considering the hare-brained part the actress gets in biggies. However, it is nothing out of the world or extraordinarily memorable. It is okay at best. The rest of the actors do their usual which involves known faces like Naresh, Posani Krishna Murali, and others.

The comedy doesn’t work, overall, barring a few punches. Madhusudhan doesn’t deliver whereas Sapthagiri and others don’t have enough scope barring a scene or two. Raja Ravindra is similar to the hero, in that he does the same across all the movies.