Samantha’s Yashoda Movie First Glimpse, Cast & Crew, First Look Poster and Release Date Details

Yashoda Movie

Yashoda is an upcoming Indian science fiction thriller film directed by duo Hari–Harish. It is simultaneously released in Telugu and Tamil languages and stars Samantha in the important role. The film has produced by Sivalenka Krishna Prasad under the banner of Sridevi Movies. The film music has composed by Mani Sharma. While cinematography and editing done by M. Sukumar and Marthand K. Venkatesh.

First Look Poster:

Makers of Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s upcoming sci-fi thriller ‘Yashoda’ has released an interesting first look. By introducing the character of Samantha, the creators aroused interest in everyone by raising the expectation for the ‘Yashoda’ story. Samantha, who appears awake to visit the new world in the first scene of ‘Yashoda’, has actually entangled.

First Glimpse:

Yashoda movie first glimpses start with a scene with Samantha on a hospital bed. Yashoda First Glimps is 36 seconds long. Samantha opens her eyes to the hospital bed and has confused as to what is going on around her. Looking at the band in her hand .. she slowly got down from the bed and came to the window and saw the outside world. The video concludes with him placing his hand out the window and trying to see the pigeon that was there.

Samantha is awesome in terms of look in Yashoda’s movie First Glimpse. Sam looks outstanding with a harmless look in a white color dress. It makes sense when Glimpses sees that Sam is once again showcasing his acting prowess in Yashoda. What is the band on her hand? Currently, Yashoda’s movie First Glimpse has gone viral on social media.

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Release Date Info:

After watching the poster, first glimpse Samantha fans are eagerly waiting for this sci-fi movie. No need to wait, the Yashoda movie team announces, that the film is all ready to release on 08 Oct 2022 in theatres.