The Top Superhero Movie Series

The top superhero movie series
The top superhero movie series

For as long as we can remember Superhero have been the idols of the masses. Despite being most typically adored by the younger generations, superheroes don’t just appeal to tomorrow’s generation. below in this article, we will cover The Top Superhero Movie Series.

Over recent times, there have been a plethora of superhero movies that aren’t specifically targeted at children. In fact, some superheroes, such as Deadpool, have clearly been devised with the adult audience in mind.

Superhero movies have without doubt become a staple of our movie culture. But. Before looking at the best superhero movies, let’s first better understand what a superhero is, and why superhero movies are popular.

What is a superhero?

The standard definition of a superhero is a heroic character who typically possesses supernatural or superhuman powers, is dedicated to fighting the evil of their universe, protecting the public, and battling criminal villains.

Why are superhero movies so popular

The popularity of superhero movies derives from our want, and need, for a god-like figure (or figures)  to look up to and admire. Superheroes inspire the masses. Their physicality, morals and overall aura is something that people admire and possibly even aspire to.

Due to this, it’s no wonder that as a society we put superheroes on a pedestal and enjoy watching them fight crime on the big screen.

Simply put, superhero movies are so popular because we just love superheroes! And, why wouldn’t we? After all, they’re super. We even love them that much that you can buy character clothing at Popgear that includes your favourite superheroes.

The Avengers

With the first film released in 2012, The Avengers films combine some of our favourite superheroes all in one film. Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye all in the same film – the stuff of dreams for superhero fans.

Upon release, the first film was greeted with many positive reviews from both fans and movie critics. It’s safe to say that The Avengers is without doubt one of the best modern superhero films. 


Spider-Man, Spider-Man does whatever a spider can. However, Spider-Man can actually do much more than a spider can – the main thing being to star in a fantastic series of films that millions adore worldwide.

A tale of a young man who gains extraordinary superpowers after being bitten by a spider; slightly far-fetched, but what’s not to love? 


Alongside Superman, Batman is arguably one of the most prestigious superheroes around. Even the early days of POW graphics, Batman films have been utterly engaging for viewers. And, as we’ve moved into an age with much more modern filmmaking techniques, Batman and his technology have become far more sleek and refined. Simply put, we love Batman because he is cool!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or TMNT for short, films have been fantastic since their first release in 1990. There have been various remakes since, as well as cartoon series, all of which are equally as brilliant as the first movie.

With consistently excellent adventures from the four heroes in a half shell, It’s fair to say that we’ll be following them for years to come!