Top 10 of everything about Bollywood actresses in 2017 you need to know from perfumes to the cars.


We all know that Bollywood actresses are living a costly life. But they even spent a high amount on things we can’t even imagine. Will we anyone be spent RS 10000 on a 100 ml perfume. These actresses will spend that whopping amount on perfume. And also this post includes the costliest car earned by the actresses and their salaries and also the list consists of their house worth.Below, In this article you can find the top 10 highest paid Bollywood actresses of 2017

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Top 10 costliest perfumes of Bollywood actresses

Actress name perfume Cost per 100ml
Deepika padukone Ralph lauren Rs.12000
Aishwarya rai bachan Clinique happy Rs.4000
Shilpa shetty Francis kurkdijian Rs.1999
Sonam kapoor Michael kors Rs.6000
Kareena kapoor Jean Paul gaultiers Rs.4500
Kangana ranaut Channel no: 5 Rs.10000
Sushmita sen Red door Rs.3300
Priyanka chopra Romance Rs.5000
Katrina kaif Gucci rush Rs.6700
Alia bhatt Armani code Rs.5000


Top 10 costliest cars of Bollywood actresses

Actress name Car cost
Priyanka chopra Rolls Royce ghost 2.5 crore
Katrina kaif Audi Q7 1.05 crore
Anushka sharma Range Rover vogue 1.5 crore
Deepika padukone Audi r8 sport 2.6 crore
Shilpa shetty Lamborghini gallardo 2.25 crore
Kangana ranaut BMW 7 series 1.3 crore
Sonakshi sinha BMW 5 series GT 95 lakh
Sunny leone Maserati quattroporte 2 crore
Bipasha basu Porsche cayenne 2.25 crore
Aishwarya bachan Audi A8L 1 crore

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                                               Top 10 highest paid Bollywood actresses of 2017

Actress name Salary
Deepika padukone 12 crore
Priyanka chopra 12 crore
Katrina kaif 10 crore
Kangana ranaut 9 crore
Kareena kapoor 8.5 crore
vidya balan 7.9 crore
Anushka sharma 7.25 crore
Alia bhatt 6 crore
Shraddha kapoor 5.2 crore
Disha patani 4 crore

    Top 10 highest paid Bollywood actresses of 2017

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                     Top 10 costliest houses of Bollywood actresses                                           

actress House worth
Katrina kaif 20 crores
Deepika padukone 17 crores
Priyanka chopra 15 crores
Shilpa shetty 13 crores
Aishwarya rai bachan 12.5 crores
Shraddha kapoor 12 crores
Parneeti chopra 11 crores
Vidya balan 10.75 crores
Alia bhatt 10 crores
Kangana ranaut 9 crores


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