Kalank Teaser Is Out – Looks Like A Movie Worth Watching

Finally, after long waiting Kalank official teaser is out. Kalank Teaser shows the set of 1945 and is a love story of Zafar (Varun Dhawan) and Roop (Alia Bhatt). Whereas Aditya Roy (Dev) and Sonakshi (Satya) are other important parts of the story.

After watching the teaser, a few things have got clear. Zafar is a local boy who falls in love with Roop. Whereas Dev and Satya is another love story of this movie. Sunjay Dutt who is playing Balraj character looks like the king of the palace.

It is also clear that Dev gets killed in a riot after he gets married to Roop. On the other hand, Roop still loves Zafar one of the local blacksmith. The story is about how society defames love and also is about a story of poor v/s rich.

Madhuri who is playing Bahaar Begum role is a dancer who comes to entertain the royal. There is very less detail about her character but still, she looks really beautiful in the movie.

This is a pure love drama movie about how people claim love as Kalank (Taboo). Kalan Teaser also shows an expensive set of Film City Mumbai. The story about a couple fighting to gain their love. On the other hand, Satya who has lost her love.

We might get to know more details about the movie after Kalan Trailer is out. The movie is getting released on 17 April 2019.

This can either be Karan’s best movie or the biggest flop. As of now, this looks like a worth watching movie. As the movie have some great actors, the excitement for the movie is at high. To know more about the movie we will have to wait until the movie is out in theaters.

We will keep you updating about Kalank Movie and regular Bollywood News. By that time, you can let us know your thought on Kalank teaser in the comment below.

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