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Mersal Full Movie Download

Mersal is a 2015 action and thriller Tamil movie, directed by Atlee. The movie is produced by N. Ramasamy, Hema Rukmani, and H. Murali. In the lead roles are Vijay, Nithya Menen,
Samantha, and Kajal Agarwal. The supporting cast includes S. J. Surya, Vadivelu, and Sathyaraj. Atlee, K. V. Vijayendra Prasad, and S. Ramana Girivasan have provided the Screenplay, while A.R. Rahman has provided the Music. Below in this article, you can find the details about
Mersal Full Movie Download and where to Watch Mersal Online.

Mersal Story

The Background Check Of the Mystery

There was a mysterious abduction that took place during the dawn. The people injured were an ambulance driver, a broker, a surgeon, and hospital HR. Later, a police officer, Ratnavel is alerted of the incident. In the meanwhile, during the investigation, the officer somehow success in nabbing the suspect. Ratnavel proceeds with the interrogation and the suspect explain his motive.

On the other hand, Maaran’s is a popular doctor known for treating people for cheap. Later, when he arrives at Paris for a seminar, displeases Arun Zachariah who is another doctor from Chennai. In fact, Arun wanted him to team up with him but ends up falling for his assistant Anu Pallavi. He invites Anu and Zachariah to his magic show. During that Zachariah gets killed at a magic show shocking his friend and a fellow doctor Daniel Arockiyaraj.

Maarans arrival to Chennai

In Chennai Maran falls in love with a Medical anchor Tara. Later, an auto drivers daughter meets with an accident and dies due to delayed treatment by the doctors and staff. As a result, her mother commits suicide under depression. The people involved in the incident gets abducted, tortured and killed.

Daniel succeeds in trapping Maaran but eventually gets beaten up by his brother Vetri, who places with unconscious Maaran and lands up being caught by police. Later, he reveals himself as a magician and confesses killing  Zachariah in Paris for his inhuman approach to his profession, Vetri escapes and convinces Anu of his killing Zachariah. On the other hand, Dr. Daniel reaches out to Maaran by hosting Tara and Saraland to find Vetri’s location.

Vadivu’s narration

Vadivy narrated the story that took place in 1970’s. In fact, Vetrimaaran village wrestler married to Aishwarya a Punjabi woman and lived with their newborn son Maaran. Also, he wanted  to build a temple in the village so he used to chare out people who wished to build Industries there but due to a fire accident that took place in the village resulting in several deaths he made up his mind to built up hospital, Daniel and Zachariah were chief doctors in the hospital and later owned it .

The hospital was famous for its treatment, Daniel and Zachariah performed a C – section on Aishwarya for her second child with the intention to extract money from Vetrimaaran. Even though she could deliver the child normally. Aishwarya dies due to blood loss and overdosage of anesthesia and the child was declared stillborn.

Knowing the truth Vetrimaaran decides to kill them but instead, he ends up beaten by Daniel and his man Kasi. Kashi also shatters a glass on the Maraans head due to which he is unable to remember his childhood. Injured Vertrimaraan manages to save Maraan by placing him in a lorry bound to Chennai and Vetrimaraan faces death later. Meanwhile, the second child did not turn out to be stillborn and was adopted by Salim Ghosh a magician, who named him Vetri and thought his magic.


After the narration of the story, Maaran reconciles with Vetri but the police arrive and arrest Vetri. In prison when Vetri confTony’s Daniel he reveals about switching places with his brother and reveals himself as Marian. Vetri gets hit by Kasi in the presence of Daniel, Marian arrives and fights Daniel and Kasi,  while Vetri recoveries from the lifter’s blow. The duo then finally kill Kasi and Daniel. Vetri gets arrested for his record of murders and is sentenced for a person, he declares that he would continue to do the cleaning process of all the corrupt doctors and people in medical. Maraan has conferred a statewide recognized Medical Counsellors post which he accepts.

Movie Details:

Release Date18 October 2017
IMDB Rating8.5
Movie Length2hrs 49min
Budget₹120 crores
Box Office Collection₹260 crore

Mersal Full Movie Download HD

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Where To Watch Mersal Full Movie Online?

The good news is, there are streaming services that have Mersal Full movie is available on streaming websites. In fact, watching Mersal Full Movie on these websites are completely legal & fall under the Indian Copyright Law.

You might be able to watch Mersal Full Movie Online soon on the following legal streaming websites,

Watch Mersal Full Movie Online Free

Mersal is currently available for streaming online, completely free of cost. You can find a list of the supported websites below,

  • We have also verified that, Mersal Full Movie is available for free streaming (in Malayalam) on Hotstar

Currently, you cannot stream Mersal, free on any other website. However, it might appear in the following websites in the near future,

Mersal Movie Review

Directors review

Atlee has delivered a celebratory film for his fans and his actor Vijay the plot is not new but the premise is. The movie keeps you hooked with its non-linear narration.


This movie seems like it was written for Vijay. As each frame, dialogue, action, and reaction celebrate the actor and what he does best. The actor is better of when he spews dialogue with restraint. In fact, he levels off well with SJ Duran who is a theatrical foil.

Music review

The Mersal movie has beautiful songs the album is grand in terms of the soundscape. Also, “Maacho” is a westernized number sung by Shweta Mohan and Sid Sriram.  On the other hand, “Mersal Arasan” is high on energy number is sung by Naresh Iyer and GV Prakash. The songs are well appreciated especially by the audience as the music is by AR Rahman.


The Indian Tamil language action drama film has been released on 18th October 2017, directed by Atlee and produced by N  Ramasamy and Hema Rukmani. Also, Times of India says: when you have a mass hero in full form like Vijay in the film how things can go wrong. Indian Express: There is never a dull moment and this Ilayathalapathy Vijay starrer.  The Hindu: Twin it to win it.

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