RaatChasi Trailer- Jyotika Back As A Determined Government Teacher

RaatChasi Trailer

After the film, ‘Kaatrin Mozhi’ Actress Jyotika is back with another movie RaatChasi. Direction by Sy.Gowthanraj and production by S.R.Prakashbabu and S.R.Prabhu. The film Raatchasi trailer is out and by the looks of it, Jyotika is looking a very strict teacher. Here we talk about the trailer release.

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The movie after seeing the trailer is an attempt to try and improve the education standard and give better education to the underprivileged. all in all the movie will try and create social awareness among the common people about the government organizations and what needs to be done. Currently, we have this basic information about the movie to keep watching for more news about RaatChasi the movie.

RaatChasi Tamil Movie Trailer:

Within a few hours of RaatChasi trailer release, it got more than 100k views. Also, Jyotika performance in the trailer is quite appreciated by the audience. Hence, we look forward for watching the movie.

The trailer is a must watch as it shows us the true story behind the schools in rural areas and what can we do.

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