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Seethakaathi Box Office Collections and Review

Seethakaathi is out at the big screen and the Vijay Sethupathi has done a brilliant job in portraying the 80-year old’s character. The movie is full of Drama and filled with a lot of entertainment. Playing the role of Ayya Aadhimoolam needs a lot of guts. He was a veteran septuagenarian stage play actor for whom Tamil society has a huge amount of respect. Below you can find the links of Seethakaathi Full Movie Download.

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The initial moments of the movie have to be seen with a lot of patience as the story of the veteran is being narrated. After the first 40 minutes, the movie focuses deeply on his character. But while watching the movie you are continuing into it. The movie is conveyed through the art and drama which is at a good flow.

Movie Details:

Release Date20 Dec 2018
Movie Length173 minutes
No of Songs5
IMDB Rating7.3
DirectorBalaji Tharaneetharan
Lead ActorsVijay Sethupathi
Total Collection30 Cr

Seethakaathi Full Movie Download

According to the reports, Seethakaathi will be live on TV channels by Mid of 2019. Therefore, it does not make sense to Download Seethakaathi Full movie and support piracy.

Seethakaathi is already available on legal streaming websites for cheap. Once you buy the movie, you can have it throughout your life. Hence we encourage you to support a legal way of watching or downloading movies. Let’s find a different possibility for Seethakaathi Full Movie.

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Where To Watch Seethakaathi Full Movie?

We sincerely do not support piracy and watching movies online or downloading it. The rules are meant to be followed and it is also against the law.

  • Vijay Sethupathi’s Seethakaathi Full download is not available on YouTube
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  • Watch Seethakaathi Full Movie on Amazon Prime Video from location: Amazon Prime Video.
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Passion Studios has not authorized any of the below-mentioned websites for distributing Seethakaathi Full movie download. These websites are operating illegally. As per the law, downloading and sharing movies from these websites is illegal. We strongly request you not to download and watch Seethakaathi Full movies from these websites and help in the fight against piracy. This will save thousands of family working in the Kollywood Film Industry in and around Chennai.

Seethakaathi mp3 Songs Download

The Music was composed by Govind Vasantha. There are 6 songs in the movie.


  1. Watched first half on my friend mobile , because movie is not running in my locality.
    I paused in the middle and going to watch rest of the movie in a big screen.

  2. Seethakaathi is a must watch movie and a good tribute to theatre .the length of the movie could have been a good 30 mins shorter.

  3. A classic movie with a simple storyline . Awesome acting by Vijay Sethupathi , Mouli and other. Great direction and excellent music .

  4. Nice dialogue and performance making it a sure watch though lags at times. Hats off for the final message.

  5. It’s very well scripted movie. Very different movie and unique story with calm and composed screenplay, music is excellent.

  6. Fantastic movie. Must watch for every artist.hats off to all the people in this movie.well done.the best movie in kollywood film industry.

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