Arjun Rampal To Produce and Star In A Horror Film

Arjun Rampal Horror Movie

If we talk about Arjun Rampal, we have seen him doing very selective films. Lately, he has done some successful web series, as a result, he is now into feature films.  On a recent Press Release on PTI, it confirms that we might soon see Arjun Rampal Horror Film.

Apart from the Horror movie, we will also see Arjun in 2 Thriller movie, which might come anytime by 2020. Whereas, we might get the hint on his horror movie before the end of 2019.

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Talking about the horror movie in the interview with PTI he said, “There’s also a horror movie with a damn interesting premise which I’ll be producing. It’s a great story. I’ll be starting in it as well but it’s too soon to reveal other information.” This ensures that we might soon get to know more about it.

He also committed that he has now become choosy about movies. Later he explained about how he wants to connect with the story and see if he fits the character.

More details about the other 2 thriller movie will be shared once the shooting is started. After his successful web series “The Final Call” we might see him doing some great web series too.

Also, he confirmed that he will be producing and playing the lead character in the movie. As the movie is under the conceptualization stage, we might get to know more once the shooting starts. More information about his Arjun Rampal Horror Film will be out once everything gets finalized.

As per the talks, the shooting of Arjun Rampal Horror movie will start after mid-2019. This ensures that we might see Arjun in Big Screen by early 2020. We will share s regular update about his movies, hence stay tuned with Movie-Rater.

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