Ranbir Kapoor Talks About His Upcoming Movie Brahmastra

Brahmastra is one of the movies that everyone in the industry is talking about. The movie is yet to release, whereas the buzz for the movie is going viral on the internet. Ranbir Kapoor is quite active on Instagram promoting this movie. Recently we saw his Instagram feed filled with Brahmastra promotion

Whereas in the lead role of the movie are Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles.

The first teaser of the movie is already out and we might see 3 more comings. Looking at the tease, the movie talks about Ranbir Kapoor’s dream. It looks like Amitabh Bachchan is playing the role of a Physiatrist or an Archeologist. Alia Bhatt, on the other hand, is the supporting character.

A lot of details might be out once the shooting of the movie is done. Till then we can just predict the possibilities of the movie. But, the 1st tease on Instagram leaves a lot of room to predict.

Apart from the Ranbir, Amitabh, and Alia, we will also see Deepak Tijori, Mouni Roy and Divyendu Sharma in this movie. This being Ranbir and Alia’s first movie together, there is a lot of talk going around this new couple.

Brahmastra Story

This movie is a story about a boy who dreams about a weapon into pieces. In fact, the movie talks about Ranbir Kapoor and his connection with Brahmastra.

Brahmastra Release Date

The tease on Instagram states that the movie is going to release on Christmas 2019. This means that we might see the movie by 25 December 2019. Confirmation on the Brahmastra release date will be out by November.

We will keep on sharing the update about Brahmastra. Also, we would like to know your feedback on what you think about this movie.


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