When is Saif Ali Khan Starrer ‘Laal Kaptaan’ releasing?

When is Saif Ali Khan Starrer 'Laal Kaptaan' releasing

“Laal Kaptaan” starring Saif Ali Khan in the lead role as a Naga Sadhu. The movie is a revenge drama and the direction is by Navdeep Singh. Produced by Eros International and Aanand Rai. The movie is making a lot of news since the start and everyone involved in the making of Lal Kaptaan has great views and expectations from the film. Releasing on 6 Sep 2019 we surely are hoping for the best. here we know Saif Ali Khan Starrer “Lal Kaptaan” releasing on?.

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Saif Ali Khan the lead actor of the movie is also very excited and has a lot of expectations from the movie which has the look of a Naga Sadhu resembling the character of Jack Sparrow played by Jhonny Deep.

The actor quoted, “I can’t believe I let that happen,” he says, towards the similarities. “My nephew Kiaan [Karisma Kapoor‘s son] and son [Ibrahim] saw the photographs before they had leaked, and said, ‘Hey, that’s Jack Sparrow.’ on his look in the film. He also added that it is because of the clothes which involve a Jacket similar to Pirates Of The Caribbean.

The film “Laal Kaptaan” will release on 6 Sep 2019 and is based on Indian history and the story is around the character of Saif Ali Khan the Naga Sadhu which is full of drama and revenge.

The Movie is definitely going to be a marvel to watch as it will be a visual delight. So as the release date is announced we are sure to go and watch the Spectacular Feat on 6 Sep 2019. Here we can read, When is Saif Ali Khan starrer ‘Laal Kaptaan’ releasing?


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